Pink Peppermint Swirl!


With, um, a wintergreen accent nail?  So remember a while back, the last time I did a water marble manicure, I mentioned that despite dropping the polishes into the water in the exact same order each time, every nail came out looking completely different than the one beside it? Well, here’s a great example of that particular problem – pink peppermint on one side, lime green jello on the other!  Nail art goal for next year: Water marble designs that are identical on each nail.  So basically, watch this space in 2017 for updates on my journey to the centre of nail art insanity.

The glitter polish I used here is KB Shimmer’s Merry Pinkmas.  It’s very Strawberry Shortcake-in-a-bottle and never fails to remind me of holiday ribbon candy.  Yum!


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