Making Christmas


With one week to go until the big day and a gargantuan snowstorm due to blow through the area tomorrow, it’s really beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  Living in a condo apartment, we don’t have a ton of available space in which to decorate (to say nothing of the storage situation, which is tight) but I always see to setting out my favourites, including my (nearly) all-food ornament tree, a 14-year-old artificial beast that has claimed my sanity on more than one occasion, and very nearly my life the year I loaded it with 2,100 mini twinkle lights, one of which broke and electrocuted me.  For a couple of hours afterwards I swore I could taste the colour purple.  Ah, holiday memories!


This is also the second year I’m setting out the holiday menagerie, including Fritz the Mouse Doorstop, a Christmastime critter that has been making the rounds in my family for the past 25 years.  In this photo you can also see my first planned renovation project of 2017 – painting those stairs (also ripping out the bathroom, but one step – wah-waaaahhhhhh – at a time, yeah?)


The diningroom chandelier, a gigantic wrought iron thing that would not look entirely out of place on Game of Thrones (maybe without the twee shades), gets hung with sparkly baubles.


Speaking of sparkle in the diningroom, in the centre of the table I always place my snowflake tealight holders, this year up on one of my ubiquitous cake trays alongside a super glittery three-wick candle holder from Bath and Body Works.  Candle options vary, but at the moment I’m burning White Barn’s Peppermint Marshmallow, and it smells amazing!


And finally, for the first time in too many years, I set up my Christmas Town, a much smaller affair than my Halloween Town that my husband and I have dubbed Electric Gay Discoville on account of all the swirling rainbow fiber optics, and the fact that the only female figurine in town had no head straight out of the box. No, seriously, look at this over on the right of the tree – this is how she came, factory direct, and she’s the only lady in town!  You know, we never did find her head…


Yup, RGDVille is a total sausage fest, and that’s just how the residents (and I) like it!


So there we have it, friends, some of the festive decorating that’s lighting up my life.  I hope however you’ve decorated your homes (or not; Festivus is totally a thing) it’s added tons of sparkle and joy to your holidays. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Making Christmas

  1. LOL! Oh my gravy. That poor headless lady. You were totally meant to have a little creepy in your Christmas village. Your totally fabulous village. I am a sucker for those fiber optic lights. Your home looks so cozy and wonderful! I spy a lot of those Starbucks ornaments on your tree. Adorable! I like that you hang ornaments off your chandelier (totally fits GoT, Tyrion approved). I am kicking myself for not grabbing Peppermint Marshmallow. If you say it is good, I need it. Enjoy your festivities!! I can’t believe only 4 more sleeps.

    • Headless lady got her revenge this year on the other figurine beside the tree – I looked down the other day and realized that he was naught but feet in the snow. I have no idea where the other 3/4 of him went. Headless Lady’s revenge!

      And thank you for noticing – I strive for a cozy home. I’m a major homebody, and I like having a pretty, warm place to retreat to.

      Just one more sleep until the big day! Merriest of holidays to you and your family – I hope you all have a wonderful one.

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