Stranger Manis


For someone who is presently showing off the SIX Stranger Things manicures she did this year, I actually have very little to say on the subject that hasn’t already been said.  It was an absolute delight, and I’m looking forward to the second season with equal parts joy and trepidation – joy because the first season was utter perfection, replacing Buffy – guys, REPLACING BUFFY – as my favourite show, and trepidation because I worry about the “too much of a good thing” effect the Internet will have on subsequent seasons.  But me of little faith shall have to just wait and see what the second installment brings, and content myself with these Stranger manis in the meanwhile.  Work I’m very proud of this year, every last one of them. 🙂

The Flea and the Acrobat


Right Here

Stranger Things fingers





The Upside Down

The Upside Down

Rolling a 7


7 thoughts on “Stranger Manis

  1. Coolest finger tips anywhere. The Barb got me the feels. Love the lights and Eleven is fierce. Great job!! Like you, I loved it too and hope the next season is not a flop. Kind of like Twin Peaks. I adored that show but it got way too weird at the end. And then ending itself left me wasted in misery.

    • I never watched Twin Peaks, but I have heard that exact comparison from a friend – “What happened at the end?!?” And a couple of years ago I was super into a British show called Being Human that just went SPECTACULARLY off the rails in its second season and never managed to pull me back in. Oh, please let Stranger Things avoid that curse!

      • Being Human always piqued my interest. We watch a lot of BBC and a bunch of the shows catch my attention but I never get around to watching them. Like Orphan Black and a ton of others. I end up watching Ripper Street, Sherlock or Tog Gear. I need some good Netflix/Amazon sessions. Today I was all about Supernatural. Cheesy but fun.

      • I’m a terrible one for watching my favourites over and over (and over) again, all while neglecting the newer stuff that interests me. Then Show X gets popular and suddenly they’re three seasons deep and I haven’t watched any of it and it seems way too daunting to jump in at this point…TV problems, right? 😉

        I used to drop in on the occasional episode of Supernatural when my husband was watching it, but he hasn’t watched in years (it’s in its, what, 12th year? Bonkers.) Talk about a show that has a monster mythology to catch up on if you’re just getting into it (literally – I loved all the early one-off episodes, though, like the one about the Wendigo.) There’s an episode, too, where the guys go to investigate a haunted horror movie set that’s brilliant.

        Being Human went so egregiously off the rails, I’d never recommend it to anyone. But four of the first six episodes were phenomenal. Just one of those shows that moved far, far too quickly (stretch stuff out a bit, guys) and then took on a weird, mean tone right about the time I stopped watching. Enjoy your Netflixing (or Amazoning!)

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