Shoot for the Lush Stars!

Lush Stars Collage.jpg

Doing the matchy-matchy thing again with my nails and my bath products, this time co-ordinating my manicure to two releases from Lush’s winter holiday collection, Shoot for the Stars bath bomb and The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar.

Design-wise, both the bath bomb and the bubble bar are adorable as all get-out – super rich pigmentation, cute little add-ons and SO. MUCH. GLITTER!  But in terms of performance?  Well, true to its name, the golden stars embedded in the Shoot for the Stars bath bomb shot straight OFF the bath bomb the second it hit the water, leaving behind these oddly grainy little patches of oily orange ick that I didn’t want to look at, let alone share a bath with.  And while my bathwater was the most gorgeous shade of sparkly, darkened teal, getting there took the bath bomb next to no time, dissolving totally – and with very little fanfare – in a little under 30 seconds.  Very poor value for its $6.95 (Canadian) price tag.


Annnnddddd The Magic of Christmas reusable bubble bar (which became no such thing after a great big fault line opened up straight down the middle) smells like Tang.  Or that powdery orange “beverage drink” from McDonald’s.  Then again, I don’t think ANYTHING from Lush actually smells like its description, although that certainly won’t stop me from trying to find the one exception!  In the meantime, matchy manis make everything better.


20 thoughts on “Shoot for the Lush Stars!

    • I loved the colour, and the glittery bits were great, too – spent a bit of time just swirling the water around, staring into its glittery depths. But it pooped out SO quickly! Barely got a chance to enjoy the big show!

  1. The mani is adorable. I have never tried this new Shoot for the Stars bath bomb. Last years looked more like a blue earth and a white and yellow star. These orange blobs concern me. I do have two to use up from the BOGO order. I had that wand last year and you are dead on. Celebrate/Bubbly/Golden Wonder always reminds me of Tang.

    • The blobs were weird, man. Like, the stars shot straight off the bomb and then sunk to the bottom of the tub, only to reemerge once I had lowered myself into the water. Then they just floated there over my knees, these odd little oily patches – vaguely star-shaped – that were somehow still grainy to the touch. Last year’s sounds so much better!

      (It’s soooo Tang, right? It *might* be whatever bicarbonate is kicking around these things registering as overly powdery, but I don’t know. When people say “X Lush thing smells exactly like a pineapple crossed with tonka beans!” I’m just like “Whaaaaa?”)

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  3. I’ve never seen a blog post like this before, so unique and has definitely given me some inspiration!! I’ve just posted a new blog post, would you mind giving it a read or possibly following? Thanks so much xx

  4. I love your review! I made a review of the Shoot for The Stars bath bomb also! I would love if you could check it out and let me know what you think! 🙂

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