Mocha Madness


Hmm, New Years resolution for 2017: Stop drinking so damn much coffee!  Because I really do consume a great quantity of caffeine, and that’s not the best thing for a person (or their wallet, if they’re buying out, or their teeth, or their sleeping habits, or the environment, or just their general health.  Wait, tell me again why we slug the stuff back as though it were the very essence of life?  Oh right, because it’s bloody, bitterly fabulous! And because there’s a Starbucks on every third street corner, and what else will go there if not another Starbucks?)

Since this has turned into a bit of a diatribe on coffee, I should note that I’ll probably have an easier time than others kicking the caffeine habit, as I’m one of those annoying types that can turn my addiction on and off at will.  Years ago when I went to PEI for three weeks with my mom, who has never consumed a single ounce of coffee in her entire life, I abstained as well.  Aggravatingly enough, I didn’t suffer any withdrawal symptoms, although re-entry was a bit of a bitch – I had three dee-licious cups of strawberry black tea with our final New Glasgow meal, and I was so wired, I probably could have pushed the car back to Charlottetown.

But there’s still a handful of hours left in 2016, and I’m spending them blogging, nibbling on holiday chocolate, messing about with the Sims (4, and I kind of hate it, but gripes for another time and place) and nursing two – count ’em, TWO! – iced coffees from a favourite local shop.  I’m also wearing both coffee and chocolate on my nails, in the form of two more lovely gifts from my husband, coffee cup nail charms from Daily Charme over KB Shimmer’s espresso-hued brown holo, Oh My Ganache.  Mad for this mocha, indeed.


3 thoughts on “Mocha Madness

  1. I can’t stand normal coffee, but I do love those glass bottles of Starbucks ‘mocha chocolate frappuccino’ mainly because it tastes more like chocolate milk than anything. And coffee nail art is of course a-okay too!

    I’ve never had a taste for it, but I dislike it even more now because of the smell of it. This is maybe going to be too much information but I’m going to share it anyway; the smell (to me anyway) is exactly like the smell produced upon removing a guinea-pigs anal impaction. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s when a male pig can no longer poop out it’s softer poos properly and they all get stuck and you have to carefully vaseline-up a cotton bud and scoop the stuff out for it to feel better. A bit gross, and super stinky – but okay if you like the smell of coffee I suppose.

  2. I love this! I need to get those coffee charms when my no buy is over. May I ask where they’re from? I love Starbucks mochas too! Just got a couple of gift cards for Christmas so I’m probably not quitting them anytime soon, lol! But I don’t drink it regularly; usually once every couple weeks as a treat when I’m out.

    • Daily Charme, Amanda – I’ve placed quite a few orders with them, and it’s always been a good experience.

      And p.s. don’t tell anyone, but I’ve been drinking coffee pretty well non-stop since my resolution to, you know, NOT TO of a few days ago. Whoops! Enjoy your gift cards – free coffee is kind of the best coffee!

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