Pep(permint) Talk


Mmm, peppermint, what an olfactory delight you have turned out to be!  It pains me to admit this, but there was a time not that long ago that I cared for you not one whit – too icy, too bracing, too toothpastey.  But in my advancing years, I’ve developed a newfound appreciation for some of the flavours and scents I used to shun, and dear peppermint, you are number one on that list, with a bullet (alongside black coffee, black pepper, bourbon, freesia and anything involving anise.)

And thank goodness for that reversal in scent preference, because otherwise I wouldn’t have come into the possession of this lovely little mountain of pepperminty goodness.  So shall we check out some of the peppy mints that have been sweetly scenting my holidays?  Yes, let’s!

First up, the overkill.  So did I need an entire pie’s worth of Rosegirls’ sublime Peppermint Coconut Mallow? No, probably not…although “need” is such a tricky word, isn’t it? 😉 Anyhow, when Rosegirls opened up for a pre-sale in November that included a number of beloved holiday scents, I purchased an entire pie of Peppermint Coconut Mallow, a perpetually popular pick that softens peppermint’s icy chill with mounds of creamy, dreamy marshmallow.  It’s a sublimely gorgeous fragrance – sweet, cool and creamy.  One of those scent blends you stockpile if you get the chance, which is precisely what I did!


Another favourite mint around these parts is Bath & Body Works‘ Twisted Peppermint. Sweet and icy where Peppermint Coconut Mallow is cool and creamy, Twisted Peppermint is a blast of candied arctic air.  To me, it is the smell of Christmas.  It also reminds me of the candy coating on a Freshmint Tic Tac.  This three-wick candle is going into reserve for next year, although I had it out and about over the holidays because I love the design on the label.  Actually, come to think of it, Bath & Body Works had very attractive packaging on all of their products this year.  Well done, BBW!


Then, succumbing to the beautifully photographed enabling of my blogger friend Julie of The Redolent Mermaid, I placed an order with Solstice Scents, a small, independent parfumerie that deals in the sort of gourmand fragrances that make my eyes roll with delight.  That’s how I came to possess this tiny – already deeply coveted – roll-on bottle of Snowmint Mallow perfume oil.  And oh my, this perfume – a blend of “Peppermint, Vanilla Cake, Sugar Cookies, Flaked Coconut (and) Marshmallow Creme” – is FABULOUS!

I will freely admit that gourmand fragrances are not everyone’s cup of highly sugared tea. I also recognize that the above-listed scent notes seem like they would be best served on a dessert plate as opposed to spritzed on your wrists.  But Snowmint Mallow manages to dodge the plastic problem that so many foodie fragrances ultimately fall prey to.  This is no hodgepodge of vaguely fake, desserty-type scents; Solstice has created a proper fragrance here that’s beautifully balanced and layered.  That it reminds me of a favourite mocha vanilla perfume I wore in high school is simply marshmallow creme icing on the peppermint-dusted vanilla cake.  At a holiday party an old friend pulled me close and shouted in my ear that I smelled “JUST LIKE HIGH SCHOOL! Oh crap, is this the Wu?  CLEAR THE DANCE FLOOR!”  I’ve also received a number of compliments from my husband and my mom, who sniffed my wrist and shouted with delight, “It smells just like you!” Can you ask for anything more in a perfume?  I think I’m in love.  I shall be needing reinforcements, or at the very least a larger bottle.


Finally, here’s an impulse purchase from Bath & Body Works that became my must-have beauty product of the holiday season, Shea & Sparkle Scrub in – sing it with me one more time! – Twisted Peppermint.  This is a lovely little scrub, soft and smooth as opposed to hard and scratchy, loaded with fine glitter and scented with that distinctive Tic Tac fragrance (softened a bit here for use in beauty products, a wise idea when using mints on your skin.)  The nicest thing about this scrub is it washes away cleanly, leaving behind no glittery, slippery residue, making it safe for both bathtub surfaces AND glitter-phobes! Dee-lish.


11 thoughts on “Pep(permint) Talk

  1. Good to know that BBW scrub doesn’t leave behind any sparkles. I was wondering about that!
    I’m so-so on peppermint scented things – sometimes they are just overwhelming. I do not like minty lip products, for instance – I prefer vanilla / fruity!

  2. Your pics are dreamy…
    Oh, that Julie’ s influence is everywhere – she’s insidious in the best way! SS sounds lovely.

    Love hearing about scent preference reversals. I used to be into buttercream frosting scents and now I find them nauseating. I’m crushing hard on peppermint myself this winter. I wouldn’t say that I wanted nothing to do with them, but I definitely underappreciated them as nothing special, or clichéd and assumed most were blended with chocolate. I’ve now smelled the light and enjoy peppermint wax, oil and B&BW hand soaps, yum:)

    • Thank you, that’s something I’ve been trying to work on – the photo side of things. I *may* have overdone it at a tad in post-production, but I really wanted to show off these pretties.

      I also used to be into buttercream scents, or just very intensely VANILLA!!! fragrances (actually wore straight up vanilla extract in high school occasionally) but as I’m getting older, I find I need some layers to my scents (also my cakes, onions and ogres.) 😉

      Glad you liked this post. Team Unexpected Peppermint!

  3. Yezzzzz…. this post!!! Be still my icy mint loving heart. Your description of Snowmint Mallow was evoking. I want to buy some just to smell you. (Weird I know). Angela is a rock star at blending scents. So happy you love what you got. I did try Snowshoe Pass but the mint didn’t really linger though it was a fabulous scent. I think I need to sample Snowmint Mallow.

    • Hey dude(tte), sniff away – I smell FABULOUS! Really, though, Snowmint Mallow was one of the loveliest little discoveries of the holidays. I haven’t really worn fragrance for years (worked with the public in enclosed boardroom-type spaces for years, so I abstained) and it’s been such a wonderful little luxury to even be able to wear scent again. Love it! So happy with my purchases (I do have a pending blog post ready to go) – thank you for alerting me to Solstice’s presence.

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