Turning Pointe


I danced for a long, long time in my younger days, and I can confirm that toe shoes – the inspiration for this polish, KB Shimmer’s ballet pink glitter, Turning Pointe – are an absolute nightmare.  I was no slouch in my dance classes (actually won a couple of awards for my efforts throughout the years) but I never felt less graceful and daintily light-footed than when I strapped on my toe shoes.  And “strapped” is just the right word, too – rose pink satin ribbons slicing into my ankles, murderous little toe boxes squeezing the life out of my piggies…it always felt like the shoes were working against me, like I had to heave myself up and en pointe around them.  Professional ballerinas do themselves a great disservice by making it all look so effortlessly light, but I know better!

Turning Pointe, another lovely Christmas gift, is one of KB Shimmer’s mega flame holographic lacquers.  In layman’s terms, that means it’s a big old sparkle-a-palooza. And what a shimmering beauty she is, too, stuffed to the brim with holographic micro glitter in a super flattering ballet pink base.  Just gorgeous.  Also opaque in three light coats, and available (along with a number of its equally beautiful collection mates) through Harlow & Co.


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