Grin and Gerbera It


It’s not very often that I feature a straight-up nail polish on this blog.  It’s almost like I have something against gorgeously hued, well made, regular polishes, such is my affection for lacquers that glow in the dark or contain more glitter than the aftermath of a Pride parade.

Sometimes, though, I like the palette-cleansing nature of a not-so-basic basic polish, like this beautiful lacquer, KB Shimmer’s Grin and Gerbera It.  Regrettably, raspberry red is one of those shades that never translates particularly well in photographs (indeed, these photos lean a touch more coral than this polish’s actual berry pink) so you’re not getting the full, gorgeous picture here, but oh my, this polish is stupendous. Slight issues in colour presentation aside, this is a deep, sensual pink – very sexy, very grown-up, and a scampy, playful alternative to vampy reds.  It’s so, so pretty and tremendously flattering.

As always, KB Shimmer’s polishes are fantastic.  I’ve actually yet to encounter one that’s not at the very least just a really, really great polish.  But KB’s cremes are next level lacquers – deep and rich, beautifully glossy and super easy to apply.  I love to wear them as everyday polishes, but they’re also fantastic for use in nail art detail work.  I’d recommend checking them – along with Grin and Gerbera – out.  I nabbed my bottle from Harlow & Co., as I have all of my KB Shimmer lovelies.


7 thoughts on “Grin and Gerbera It

  1. I’m in shock! No nail art – what. And *just* a creme, not a shimmer, no glitter. ARE YOU FEELING OK.
    This colour is lovely – like you said, very grown-up! I need to check out Harlow & Co. – are they Canadian?

    • Ok, I did it. I ordered a few polishes off Harlow & Co. from their sale section. They also have a code for an extra 20% off this weekend! 😀 Thanks Sandra!

    • Yes, Canadian, but you already know that! 🙂 Kitchener, I think? I love being able to order without all the conversion nonsense and the extended shipping (I once ordered in the morning and it came the next afternoon – wow.)

      Ha, yes, there must be something wrong with me. Quick, somebody check her for a fever! But really, I had to hold myself back from adding just a *wee* touch of glitter. I can’t leave well enough alone.

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