Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette


Kicking off the weekend with something a little different today, namely this bloody gorgeous Full Spectrum eyeshadow palette from Urban Decay that I received as a lovely and generous Christmas present (told you Santa was good to me!)

Retailing for $80.00 Canadian, this 21-strong eyeshadow palette is no lightweight from a cost perspective, but if you’d like to sample a wide array of some pretty out-there hues, or you’re interested in eyeshadow art (yes, that’s a thing) or you just want to mess about with some fantastically beautiful makeup, I’d recommend grabbing one of these palettes, because they’re just stunning.  And not for nothing, but Urban Decay are no slouches when it comes to these kind of super vibrant, high pigmentation cosmetics – these are superb eyeshadows, period.

We’ll take a closer look at the actual shades in a just moment, but first, let’s admire a packaging and design job very well done, from the matte-on-black finish of the embossed lid to the almost geometric placement of the eyeshadow pans.  This palette also features a whisper soft front closure, a large mirror inset into the lid, a dual-ended shadow brush tucked into the base, and a nice amount of heft to keep the whole works from toppling over.  So, so beautiful, but I am a sucker for gorgeous presentation.


Good looks aside, how did the eyeshadows perform?  Splendidly!  I admittedly haven’t given this palette much of a workout, save the swatches below, but I have no problems to report with skin sensitivity, and the shadows applied beautifully, blending softly and smoothly.  And the colours…a high intensity rainbow in three gorgeous tonal variations. There’s a little something here for everyone, no matter your cosmetic style or skin tone, and plenty of hues to challenge those looking to play outside the makeup box.


Nestled in their glossy black case, this assortment of precisely inlaid rainbow shadows can’t help but be anything other than eye-catching.  I’m drawn, like a magpie!  But how do they look on actual, you know, skin? Allow my pale pink hide to answer that question (having said that, how sad is it that my skin tone can best be described as a shade called “Iced”?  More like “Iced, with Freckles.”)


All told, I love this eyeshadow palette, and I’m so delighted it made an appearance under my tree this holiday – I’m a lucky beauty blogger, indeed. 🙂

29 thoughts on “Urban Decay Full Spectrum Eyeshadow Palette

  1. Gorgeous! I am a sucker for packaging too. And this does look very pettable. Midnight Blaze and Hundred draws my attention. This is a fabulous palette. Would you ever consider doing some eye looks for us? I tend to be boring with my eyeshadow and only do either a wash on the lid or a lid and crease for work. Once in a while when I feel frisky I will go all out and use 3 or 4 shades and do inner corners, bright colors and all. I got most of my brights from UD and Too Faced pallettes. And DuWop, but they are real old.

    • Oh my gosh, Julie, I could certainly try, but having never actually done any looks worth sharing or photographing, there’s going to be a bit of a learning curve here! But I’ve got some ideas in mind, so when I do bust these out, you’ll be the first to know!

      When I got this on Christmas Day I immediately opened it up and covered my eyelids in every colour from the second row. You couldn’t have even stopped me. I looked a bit like I imagine we all did the first time we came downstairs at 11 or 12 with our first major makeup job completed. Don’t know about you, but my mom laughed her ass off and then sent me upstairs to wash my face! Pretty sure I was sporting matte green eyeshadow and brick brown lipstick. Holy lord.

  2. Oooh, Santa was good indeed! That is some gorgeous packaging to match some beautiful eyeshadows. This looks like a perfect all-in-one palette that covers the inner corner to the brow bone. *drool*

    If you slathered your skin in Iced, do you think you’d sparkle like a Twilight Vampire? LOL

    • Hey now, who says I don’t already twinkle like a pretty, pretty vampire? Still shaking my head at sparkly vampires as a matter of principle, though. I just like my vampires a bit more murdery and a lot less oily-looking!

  3. Ooh-wee what a nice gift! I’m also drawn to the the arm swatches on the left, Hundred looks quite different on the skin, very nice. UD has some good stuff, I like their eyeliners too.
    I’d love to rock a Minx look too, but with your coloring, it would be lovely.
    BTW my skin’s so pale, I’d be a mix of Bump+Iced. Maybe I’ll make it my stage name in my rap career…

    • No, that’ll be OUR rap duo name – Bump & Iced! My rap battle skills are seriously rusty, though, so this could get UGLY. 😉

      I like the darker shades along the top a lot more than I thought I would, too. I’m just naturally sort of drawn to the neon ones in the middle, but for actual wear, the top row more than suffices. And Minx does look great against paler skin tones – the darkened blue is a great alternative to black eyeliner; makes the whites of your eyes really pop. Does that sound beauty bloggery enough for you, “makes the whites of your eyes really pop”?

      • A U.S./Canadian rap duo. You call it rusty, I’ll call our rap style experimental, so much so that the world may not be ready for us:)

        I know I’m convinced that my eyes would pop!

  4. This is just pure eye candy! If I was just starting out in makeup, I’d bought this without a second thought. But now knowing my neutral loving ways, this palette would just sit looking pretty in my collection. Enjoy your present! 😀

    • Yeah, not too many neutrals in this one – best to know that before you put a ton of money into something! I really do love staring at it, although I used a few of the darker shadows the other evening for dinner with my parents, and they were great – soft, even. Didn’t look too painted. 🙂

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