Ice Cold Chilly Peppers


Because it never stops snowing!  At this point I’m pretty sure my toque (that would be a knit cap to the rest of the world) has just fused with my head.  I probably say this every year, but this winter has seemed quite unrelenting.  It has snowed at least every few days – sometimes a little, sometimes a blizzard – since the end of October.  Ugh.

And so I’m attempting to pull myself out of the winter doldrums with some fun nail art, like this icy and spicy combo that pairs KB Shimmer’s red hot creme, Chilly Pepper, with an icy blue holo for a muy caliente mani, perfect for warming up those frosty fingers (and toes.)


9 thoughts on “Ice Cold Chilly Peppers

  1. Oh man. Hoping you get some relief soon. Do you feel like it has been more harsh than usual this winter? Sadly, down here it is more mild than normal. We have about 2 or 3 cold snaps where it dips just at freezing overnight but we haven’t yet. Hoping we get some to make the berries and oranges sweet. LOVE your nails! I made Adam take me to see the Red Hot Chili Pipers last year. Bag pipers. In kilts. I saw one’s booty. It was hilarious and awesome.

    • Not more harsh, although we’ve had some bone-chillingly bad days. The snow, a bit of which has drifted down every single day since the end of October, and the perpetually gloomy days are just starting to bum me out. Supposedly Ottawa has already seen three times the snow it typically does at this time of year? I think it just feels like ENOUGH ALREADY, we’ve been doing this for months now. On to the next thing!

      Oh man, I always forget about the fruit-sweetening properties of the cold, which makes me a bad, bad Ontarian indeed, because we’re, like, ground zero for all manner of delicious ice wines and late harvest delicacies. Also makes the stone fruits extra yummy (hey, throw them in the wine, too – don’t let the grapes get lonely!)

      Heh, piping booty. I was piped into my university graduation commencement ceremony, and it took every ounce of my too-sarcastic willpower not to burst into hysterics – bagpipes to me will never not sound like some type of expiring water foul. Also oboes. Still no worse than the very epic music my high school chose for my graduating class to enter the auditorium to – freakin’ JURASSIC PARK. I actually burst out laughing at that one. Who wouldn’t?

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