Center Stage


These ballet slipper nails – three traditional pink, one the shade of sultry, heathen independence! – are for one of my oldest and dearest friends, who is one of my oldest and dearest friends precisely because she shares my love of ultra cheesy ’90s ballet movie, Center Stage.  There are, of course, other reasons we’ve been in each other’s lives going on 25 years now (oh. my. lord.) but mostly it’s just Center Stage.  Jodie Sawyer’s shitty turnout and desperation cookies are the glue that holds our friendship together. 😉

Also the completely awesome mini ballet that closes out the film, wherein Jodie, who has spent the movie embroiled in a love triangle with her sexy rebel teacher and a cute classmate, throws off the shackles of spurned and unrequited love and JUST DANCES THE SHIT OUT OF IT!  And somehow pulls off an ON STAGE quick change, going from a pink tights-and-pastels costume to a sparkly red number, complete with blood red lips, elaborately knotted hair ribbons and the devil’s toe shoes, in the span of about 10 seconds. Dance movie magic at its finest!

14 thoughts on “Center Stage

  1. I have a great friend whose life at one time was all about dance. Even though she used to sing and still does for church solos, funeral services, and regional musicals, dance is still her favorite.
    Why bring this up? She is starting to teach Barre exercise classes, a trendy yoga off shoot around here. Is that the type of thing you might consider getting involved in, to continue your love of dance?

    • Well, that sounds super neat – very cool. I have a yoga-loving friend that would probably be great at something like that.

      And I would be, if I was even remotely in shape. Like, I’m the kind of out of shape that makes even beginning to get into shape a bit of an ordeal. Have to start somewhere, though, right? Also, can’t have the last time I attempted any legitimate exercise to be when I was bouncing around my livingroom to Green Day and nearly knocked myself unconscious with my own boobs. :/

      • DUDE, YES, I have been EXACTLY THERE. No, seriously, are we the same person? I’m kind of weirded out (in a good way.)

        But yes, I hurt my back playing Green Day Rock Band, the only add-on Rock Band pack we ever bought. I looooovvvveee my Green Day, so it makes sense that I felt very strongly towards virtual Green Day, and I played that thing obsessively for weeks. Like, Tre Cool’s drum lessons and everything, because I wanted that platinum trophy for the PS3 (which didn’t happen, because you pretty much had to become Green Day to get it – I think you had to do all parts on expert across five songs for one of the trophies? Yeah, right!) Dangerous band, man. 😉

    • Zoe Saldana! With a terrible New Yawk accent. Also Ilia Kulik, who was the men’s figure skating Olympic gold medalist around the mid-90s? I’ve got a lot of nostalgic love for it, but there are also some legit dance numbers in Center Stage – ballet and jazz, not just people having what look like semi-coordinated seizures in close proximity to each other! Also, the acting is kind of terrible, but enjoyably so. I mean, these are people that were obviously chosen for their dance ability first, acting ability second and it kind of shows. But the dancing is pretty fantastic. You know I’d recommend it!

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