Like mixology, except instead of various alcohol combinations, it’s scented wax and…yeah, okay, that might be a bit laboured.  But what else would you call futzing about with dozens of scent possibilities to create (or re-create) favourite blends?  Blendology? Now, that just sounds stupid. 😉

Not stupid?  These terrifically yummy blends I created using indie vendor Rosegirls’ Mini Melters, single scents (also sometimes house-blended combinations) you can combine in whatever fashion you see fit.  Smell fit?  No, no, definitely see fit.

Mini Melters are a product that’s really only now offered a few times a year (announced via Rosegirls‘ quite active Facebook page) and so if you do manage to catch an opening, stock up on a few favourite scents – they’re lovely and convenient to melt on their own (simply toss into a burner, no messy cutting required) and so much fun to combine in infinitely delicious-smelling variations.  Variations such as…

Coffee Shop Favourites, a tart and spicy blend of Cranberry Marmalade, Orange Danish and Lemon Poppyseed.  All of the bright scents of a coffee shop pastry case, minus the people taking up space at tables with their laptops while they work on their “screenplays.”


Monster Berry Crunch Donuts, a ludicrously yummy combination that Mr. Finger Candy created featuring Berry Creme Brulee (it smells like raspberry Bubbalicious!), Vanilla Crunch Donuts and Monster Cookie.


Cotton Candy Fluff Puffs, a recreation of what is surely already an existing Rosegirls scent, a sweet and creamy blend of Cotton Candy Frosting, Monster Cookie and Marshmallow Smoothie (Rosegirls refers to their Monster Cookie-and-Marshmallow Smoothie blend as “Fluff Puffs.”  Basically you can Fluff Puff virtually anything and it will be fantastic.  Also sort of naughty-sounding?  Yeah, I’ll fluff yer puff, heheheh.  See, dirty!)


Sweet Raspberry Lemonade, a mouthwatering, Lemonheads-like blend of Raspberry Sauce, Swizzle Sticks and Sweet Lemon Confection.  I find I don’t much care for any vendor’s lemonade scent (they all tickle my nose; just me?)  Here the combination of Sweet Lemon Confection and even sweeter, vanilla glaze-type Swizzle Sticks makes a far less irritating alternative!


If you enjoyed this post, stay tuned for more Mini Melter mixology missives in the near future – I’ve been having a blast creating custom scents for whatever the day brings my way, and I’d love to share my cool blending discoveries.  I also now have, like, 8,657 photos of melting wax.  Is that weird?  Yeah, pretty sure it’s weird!  Well, so be the weirdness – at least it smells fantastic in here!

4 thoughts on “Meltology!

  1. Pretty color combinations too, I might use Monster Berry Crunch Donuts for bathroom decor inspiration :p
    I feel ya on the lemonades, especially with certain vendors. I can’t handle a lemon-curd, but if it’s Lemonhead like, I’m in. Yankee’s Lemon Zest is a sweet mild one, similar to the candy.

    • It’s a very vintagey colour combination. Or are you talking, like, donut printed wallpaper, berry embroidered towels, uh, Monster Cookie-scented room spray? Hmm, think I’m reaching here!

      Julie was saying in another comment that lemonades don’t agree with her either, and super tart, super sweet lemons (kind of like Sweet Lemon Confection, which is why I blend it with other really strong scents) always smell like urine to me. Rosegirls has a Mini Melter called Sicilian Lemon Cookie which is hella nice – it smells like one of those little powdered sugar-covered citrus spritzer cookies? I think Pepperidge Farms makes them. Tart little cookies bursting with citrus – very nice.

      • I don’t think I could pull off donut printed wall paper, even if I was a cartoon.
        There’s a fine line with lemon sugar scents, I enjoy lemon with marshmallow and am even into strong lemongrass stuff lately, but with that it’s a green tartness that one would expect. Sicilian lemon cookie sounds fab!

      • Oh man, I can’t do any of those lemon sugar/lemon shortbread scents – every single variation gives me massive, instantaneous headaches. Lemons are so touchy – it’s either floor cleaner or they’re giving you headaches.

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