Tumble Into Love


I’ve no need for 856 “collectible” plastic coffee tumblers, so I don’t actually possess the item in question, but these nails were inspired by a cute coffee tumbler that Starbucks is selling right now for Valentine’s Day.  Cute, but I honestly don’t know where people put these things.  Do they use them?  Do they use them for something other than drinking coffee? Because I use one of the two tumblers I do have to hold my laundry Loonies.  The other developed some sort of interior creeping fungus that, if released, will probably attain sentience and destroy a mid-sized metropolitan centre.  But I keep it around because it has romantic sentimental value, earth-razing fungus notwithstanding (I desperately want to make a joke about the current state of American politics here, but as always, I aim to keep it civil, if not entirely topical.)

4 thoughts on “Tumble Into Love

  1. I’ve often wondered about what people do with them too. Is it like instead of having handbag or shoe collections, do people really have cup collections in which they must have the new one each season? I mean fair enough one or two as that’s surely all you need, but I wouldn’t even have enough cupboard space for any more!

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