Queen of Hearts


So I always thought I was the Queen of Halloween.  I’ve always loved dressing up in costumes, decorating my home and hosting terrible parties (my bad Halloween parties – yes, parties, plural – are legendary in their awkwardness, although I can’t say I loved them.  Nobody did!)  I was married on October 31st, for pity’s sake! But this gorgeous, lush pile of beautiful Valentine’s Day goodies suggests that my affections may lie with the 14th of February, and all its confusing, commercial connotations (riddle me this: Why do we give hand OR Hallmark-written sentiments to loved ones in the name of Saint Valentine, who was blind?  Also a martyr and a political prisoner, but how unsexy is that?)

It also took me next to no time to pull together this collection of items, from cute wax tarts, to the absolutely stunning silk floral wreath my mom and dad gave me in a fit of post-Christmas spoilage.  It, along with all of the other silk flower arrangements dotted about my apartment, lead me to think I may have a heretofore unacknowledged romantic streak!  Also a lot of pink, red and white things, most glittery, and right at hand, no less, living amongst me as decorative items, not just seasonal decorative items.

And so let’s see what sorts of beautiful things I’m loving on in the days leading up to Valentine’s, shall we?  On the left we have, from left to right, a Sex Bomb bath ballistic from Lush, berry-shaped wax melts from Rosegirls in Strawberry Jam, a blossom-shaped wax melt from Vintage Chic Scents in Jackie O (a delicious, creamy vanilla), a pink piped heart from Rosegirls in Cotton Candy Frosting, a gorgeous pair of wax lips (the actual non-edible kind) from The Bathing Garden in The Sweetest Thing, a green-berry kind of scent, and my magnetic, kissing kitties salt and pepper shakers.  I purchased the salt and pepper shakers at the same place my parents bought this gorgeous wreath, a store in my city by the name of Marie Antoinette.  It might be the most beautiful shop I’ve ever been in in my life, packed to the rafters (literally; lush bouquets and other decorative baubles hang from every available surface) with a gorgeous collection of carefully curated items. When I shop there (about once a month, following a delicious donut breakfast with my mom at Suzy Q Donuts across the street) I’m hard pressed not to walk away with the entire store.


And over on the right we have, from left to right, a Sparkling Red Slippers bubble bar from Lush, a Lover Lamp bath bomb from Lush (it smells like citrus cinnamon hearts), my favourite candle, Voluspa’s French Bourbon Vanille, nestled in a glittery stand from Bath & Body Works, a couple of loved-up iced sugar cookies from A Couple of Squares (shoutout to London, Ontario now), a neat stack of soap rosebuds, another faux floral arrangement, and finally, a wee ceramic gateau, hinged to conceal a small space for hiding tiny treasures, another darling find from Marie Antoinette.  I’m in love with it all!


8 thoughts on “Queen of Hearts

  1. Ooh and ahh! I swear there was a little boutique in a quaint touristy town about an hour away (Yes even Ohio has them) w/the same name. It’s been many years, but I remember lots of florals and frilly bits And a beaut of an old typewriter I was all set to splurge on, but my friend talked me out of bc the bells didn’t work. Still haven’t found another one…anyway, I wonder if it’s a chain boutique or just the same name? Either way I must go if I get the chance to visit Ontario area.

    Also, you clearly are a girly, romantic pink+pretty loving soul with the best of them❤💋

    • It’s probably a similar name (and style – lots of soft colours, tons of silk flowers, decorative bits, even furniture; I think that probably just goes along with naming your store after Marie Antoinette!) The guy who owns the store now used to do all the decorating work at another similar shop in town – one of those Christmas stores on one side, decor shops on the other. So beautiful. The store itself is a work of art – there’s so many gorgeous things to look at, all of it spilling off the shelves and dangling from the ceiling. I love shops like that!

      Oh my, that typewriter sounds wonderful. Also sounds like it might be one of those “Should have…” items for you? The decorative typewriter that got away. I had an electric IBM typewriter when I was a kid that my parents gave me so I could type my letters to my penpal – apparently not much has changed!

      And if you do find yourself kicking around Ontario, or more specifically the Ottawa area, you’d better believe I’ll be dragging you there. But donuts across the street first! 🙂

      • I’m making up for lost pen pal time, nowadays. I just this week signed up for Post Crossing a postcard pen pal site. We’ll see if it’s worth it.
        Just not meant to be with that typewriter, maybe another will come my way someday. Speaking of someday, if I ever do visit the Ottawa area, we will definitely do donuts:) We went to Montreal in 2015, and would like to explore other areas and get some work out of that passport. I know my husband would love to see some hockey, lol!

  2. This set up is just beautiful!!! I am just now getting to catch up on my reading. I’ve always thought that Halloween/fall is my favorite as well and it still might be for colors wise but something about Valentines and the decorations/color scheme gets me every time! Sex bomb is probably one of my favorite bath bombs from Lush aside from Dragon’s Egg and Fizzbanger.

  3. Oooooo la la! Look at all this lovely bounty! From the smell goods to the decorations… I am in love. What a romantic set up. And that Marie Antoinette store?!?! Amazing. I clicked the link and looked at the photo gallery and one of the first things I spy are these mercury silver and red glass mushrooms!!!!! Dying. I need those. I may have to send you money to scout those out. They need to live on my bookshelf. I need to fly to Ottawa to shop there and have donuts with you.

    I love many scents from TBG but The Sweetest Thing is not one. Nor am I loving Cinderella Would Be Jealous or Kiss Me Silly. Sometimes her stuff can be hit or miss but when she hits it I am KO’d.

    • Oh my goodness, Marie Antoinette…I could spend HOURS there, there’s just so much to look at! So many lovely things just springing off the shelves at you. Any time there’s anything you’re interested in in my neck of the global woods, hit me up and let me know – I’d be happy to share Ottawa’s little shopping bounty.

      Oh man, I was not a fan of The Sweetest Thing – I actually recoiled when I smelled it for the first time. A dirty (?) kind of note that I really didn’t care for. Can’t do most Lush dupes either, because I don’t care for the scents in the first place! I think I tried Rock Star the other day for the first (and last) time in a bit of pink Fun they sent me as a sample. It was viciously horrendous.

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