I *Heart* Baths!


Actually, I like baths at best.  I don’t have a bathtub large enough to accommodate love.  I think if I had one of those Jacuzzi monstrosities, I’d be all over bath time, but as it is, I just kind of sit there like a large frog in a small, rainbow-coloured puddle.

But I DO *heart* trying out fun bath products, like this assortment of loved-up goodies that made my Valentine’s extra bubbly and sweet.  Solo, however.  Valentine’s Day or no, if there’s not enough space for me in the tub, there definitely ain’t space enough for both Mr. Finger Candy and I!  The comedic possibilities are actually pretty outstanding. 🙂

But back to bath time!  Which included some cute soap petal roses I always bust out for my romantically-themed baths, the last of a bottle of Lush’s Prince Charming shower cream, my favourite candle from Bath & Body Works, Pink Apple Punch, a sweet, Pink Sands-infused apple fragrance that smells like heaven in a three-wick, and two new bath bombs from Lush’s Valentine’s Day collection, heart-shaped Cupid, and heart-studded Lover Lamp.

I have no cool photos of bath art to share with you, though, because neither one of these bath bombs produced anything other than creamy white bubbles.  Even Cupid, the pale pink heart pierced with a hot pink arrow, produced nothing but white fizzy after the hot pink bits broke off.  But speaking of, the one remaining heart clinging to the edge of the Lover Lamp bath bomb was so super cool – definitely not edible, but it looked exactly like a perfect little heart-shaped gumdrop.  I probably wouldn’t purchase either again, because both were really kind of boring!  And I like a lot of pizzazz in my bath bombs.  But as a fun Valentine’s Day treat, these were nice.


5 thoughts on “I *Heart* Baths!

  1. Bahahaha, your description of, “I just kind of sit there like a large frog in a small, rainbow-coloured puddle.” had me rollin! I also feel very odd/cooped up just sitting in a tub, yet very much enjoy the fun colors and scents of bath bombs and bubble bars!

  2. I have the most basic bathtub, not fun to bathe in at all with those stupid glass and brass doors that I’m constantly banging me knee into. And like Jess said, it would make me feel claustrophobic. Maybe if I had a standalone clawfoot…
    What is most important to you bath bomb wise, colors, scent or fizzy action?

    • Colours, definitely colours. I find I don’t particularly care for virtually ANY of Lush’s scents, but for the 20 minutes I’m floating (or sitting) around, I can deal. But without the big show, what am I doing here?! 🙂

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