Customs Crazy: A Sniff My Tarts Custom Wax Haul


Apart from nabbing items from one or two nearly-impossible-to-get-your-hands-on indie brands, the holy grail of the wax world is landing on your favourite vendor’s customs list.  Getting a chance to play amateur candle maker is always so much fun, while providing a great opportunity to indulge in the creative side of the process.  Plus, who doesn’t like saying, “Yeah, that amazing smelling thing?  My idea.”  With all humility, of course!

But as you can imagine, creating thousands of custom wax creations for hundreds of customers can be a rather daunting task, and so these kinds of openings don’t happen very often.  So when a vendor does open for custom orders, you jump on it, because who knows when and if it will ever happen again.

Which is the reasoning that led me to place a customs order with Sniff My Tarts, an entirely new-to-me vendor popular with some wise blogger friends.  Sniff My Tarts actually operates on a mostly-customs model, opening up just a couple of times a year for orders before closing down to then fulfill those orders.  In between, they offer up the occasional sampler or mystery box, and they’ve somewhat recently begun offering ready-to-ship items on their website from the customs over-pours.

I placed my order within five minutes of opening on December 1st, 2016.  The specific time is actually somewhat important, as placement on the production list is determined on a first come, first serve basis.  So if you got your order in quickly, it would be made and you would receive it well before the person who placed their order after, say, 45 minutes (who may receive theirs months later; further impetus to order fast, order early.)

Unless of course your order is being shipped internationally, in which case, get ready for it to take a three-week odyssey through the (Canadian) postal system, landing on your doorstep, cold and a little bit damaged, nearly three months after you placed it.  And that’s despite being quite high up the customs list.  And paying an absolutely ridiculous sum in shipping that I will not disclose to you, because if I did, you’d correctly assume I was a complete fool.  All I’ll say about that is if you’re an international customer (and this applies to any product, not just scented wax) pay very close attention to the shipping details.  As always, that’s where you’ll find the devil, and man, oh man, does he like his postal tariffs.

Anyhow, I really jumped in the deep end on this one, friends, and I’m pleased to report that for the most part, outrageous shipping shenanigans notwithstanding (and I’ll take most of the blame on that one for not seeking clarification on the exact details) my first customs order with Sniff My Tarts was a deliciously-scented leap worth making.  Let’s take a closer look at some of my creations.


Starting off with the big guns, this is a decorated sheet cake in Mango Sorbet, Vanilla Waffle Cone and Coconut Cream Pie.  Apart from being just absolutely gorgeous (how am I supposed to ever cut into that adorable little glazed cone?) this cake smells incredible – as good as I had hoped (and I had pretty high hopes) or maybe even better.  I’d purchase this exact blend again in a heartbeat.  It actually smells just like the inside of a Baskin Robbins ice cream shop, all tart, fruity creams and sugary waffle cones.  Yummy!


The second of my decorated sheet cakes, a blend of Mango, Fresh Strawberry and Twinkies, is equally beautiful, but less successful in terms of execution.  My choice of Mango here, as opposed to Mango Sorbet, lends a floral note to the already quite flowery Fresh Strawberry, which is then amplified by the powdery Twinkies.  A real shame of a misfire, as this cake is so pretty and I now have so much of it (each cake is about one pound, eight ounces.)  But it regrettably smells like cheap little girl perfume – Strawberry Love’s Baby Soft?


The smallest blending option available were these large frosted cookies.  Each cookie weighs between four and four and a half ounces and spans my palm.  Available with the same number of blending options as the cakes (up to three), these substantial cookies are a popular choice if you’re looking to try out some unconventional blends on a smaller scale than the large pies and cakes on offer.  Let’s take a closer look at these adorable blended cookies, which also happen to smell pretty darn terrific.


Starting with the top row and going from left to right, we have Blueberry Grunt Cake and Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie (purple), a sweet and juicy confection that smells exactly like Strawberry Shortcake’s buddy, Blueberry Muffin.  I’ve only heard great things about Sniff My Tart’s blueberry, and this little cookie bears out the praise.  Incredibly delicious.

Next up is Pink Sands and Salt Water Taffy (pink), a soft, beachy floral roughened up with salty, rip-out-your-fillings taffy.  A pretty scent totally unlike my usual.

After that we have Danish Butter Cookie, Creme Brulee and Vanilla Butter Fudge (yellow), or as I like to call it, “Diabetes in a Wax Melt.”  So this one sounds a bit repulsive – I even thought as much myself when creating it for Mr. Finger Candy, who likes his scents far more cloying than I – but in reality, it’s a comforting delight of creamy vanilla bakery, sweet and buttery without being butter-oid.  A splendid blend.

Moving down a row, we have Pomegranate, Mango Sorbet and Celtic Moon Spice (brown), a sweet and slightly spicy blend that has me going back and forth on the “I Love It/I Hate It”-o-meter.  I was attempting to recreate a favourite cocktail with this one, forgetting that the drink itself contains a hefty dose of super sour raspberry to balance out all the SWEET!  As blended, I think this cookie is not quite tart enough, with a powdered sugar kind of lean to it that just doesn’t agree with my nose.  Thankfully, I think I have a way of literally tarting this up a bit, so all is not lost with this conflicting blend.

Finally, we come to Sweet Lavender Marshmallow Cake and Lemon Cake Pops (also purple), a beautiful, bright and fresh blend that smells like springtime.  Lavender and lemon are scents I like in the smallest of doses only, but they’re wonderful together in this pairing, with the light gourmand notes softening the steely, almost soapy astringency of both.  A decorated sheet cake in this would have been so lovely!


Continuing on with my custom picks, I also chose three bags of no-fuss chunks, tiny little petit four-shaped wax melts that remind me of the “Eat Me” cakes Alice scarfs down on her journey through Wonderland. Available with the same number of options as all the other blendables (up to three), these little no-fuss melts really live up to their moniker – just drop one in your melter and you’re good to go.

Starting at the top, we have a blend of Pizzelle, Blackberry and Vanilla Marshmallow Smoothie.  I was a little hesitant about the Blackberry in this one, confusing it initially for Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, a popular fragrance oil that I really, really dislike.  But Sniff My Tart’s Blackberry is straight-up fruit and juice, and in combination with the crisp, waffle cone-like notes of the Pizzelle and the creamy Marshmallow Smoothie, the whole thing comes off smelling like fruity tea and cakes.  It’s really not at all what I was expecting – it’s better.

Moving down, we have another Blackberry blend, this time Blackberry, Mango and Twinkies.  This is another unexpectedly delicious blend – fresh, fruity and a tiny bit floral – that works in spite of its components, which simply don’t mesh very well.  Going forward, I think both the Mango and Twinkies scents will be off my customs menu.  But I like this blend very much – in combination, the Blackberry and Mango notes remind me of an old school Party Lite fragrance.

Finally, we have the blend I thought was going to be a total slam dunk, a combination of Strawberry, Vanilla Waffle Cone and Cream Cheese Frosting. These chunks actually don’t smell like anything at all, an effect I’m chalking up to the fact that this bag was savaged at Customs – sliced open and then left to freely rattle around the bottom of the box.  Never stop taking pride in the service you provide, Canada Post. 😦 I’ve since rebagged them, in the hopes that they somehow reconstitute themselves.  Fingers crossed.


Moving away from my custom blends, I also chose four piped hearts in single scents (or scent blends) in Marshmallow Noel & Candy (white), a crisp, nose-tinglingly yummy vanilla-mint, Apricot Vanilla (yellow), a close recreation of Sally Hansen’s ultra sweet and fruity apricot cuticle cream, Blueberry Grunt Cake (purple), a luscious blueberry tinged with the barest hint of crunchy bakery, and Carrot Cake (brown), which I actually don’t care for at all.  Nutty, so nutty.  Carrots and nuts.  My wedding cake?  Yes!  But as a home fragrance?  Not so much.


Finally, for my husband, who loves coffee scents, I purchased three bags of small frosted cookies (four cookies per bag), one in Sprinkled Sugar Cookie Latte (light brown) and two in Starbucks Vanilla Latte (darker brown.) Coffee scents are not really my thing, but Mr. Finger Candy assures me that these two scents are legit, and who am I to argue with that?


These are the samples I received with my order, a small grubby tart (love that term, “grubby tart”) in Sticky Pink Marshmallow, a popular, Pink Sugar-based blend, a small frosted cookie in the improbably delicious combination of Blackberry Latte (fruit and coffee, whaaaaa?) and two cubes of Red Macintosh Apple, a super strong apple that, despite being securely wrapped, permeated the entire package and most of my condo’s mail room.

Finally, a quick word on Sniff My Tart’s customer service, of which providing tantalizing samples is indeed a nice part – it was wicked prompt and super friendly.  Upon learning that my package had gone MIA (an event well beyond their control by that point) they assured me that virtually none of their shipments had ever gone missing for good, but that if it didn’t show itself soon, they wouldn’t leave me hanging.  It was a deeply considerate gesture – one that turned out to be rather unnecessary given that my order finally showed itself a couple of days later, but appreciated all the same.  My order was also nicely packed, with each item wrapped snugly and securely in bubble wrap.  Or at least it was before it hit Customs. You can’t tell from these pictures, but my strawberry sheet cake is in four jagged pieces.  I think it, too, may have been savaged by the same handsy agent that worked over my strawberry no-fuss chunks.  Why the berry bias, Canada Post?!

Most importantly, though, my order smells bloody fantastic, and absent one or two scent choice SNAFUs and some stupid postal tomfoolery, I’m overwhelmingly pleased with my order.  I’ll definitely be back for a second round of customs (only next time I’ll try to find a way to maximize that shipping charge.)

10 thoughts on “Customs Crazy: A Sniff My Tarts Custom Wax Haul

  1. This right here is why I find custom ordering intimidating: plan out your blends carefully, weigh what works best w/what, be ready to drop everything for the opening, get on that production list early, take that expensive leap and hope that when it arrives months later you can remember why you combined these scents in the first place, they turn out fabulous and you still want them. That can be a lot of pressure!

    I’m actually fine w/the delayed gratification part, but not sure about having a sheet cake in a scent I wouldn’t want to melt. They are beautifully done though and you might be able to find a resale home for it, even in pieces.

    On the bright side, you are now miles ahead in knowing what works for the next opening for customs (which hopefully won’t get trapped in customs). I plan on attempting this crazy customs train myself for the next SMT opening unless I’m on vacay. Also on the bright side, how often do you get to literally tart something up and it be the actual use of literal?😂 Those coffee blends (while not for everyone) sound delicious too and the pretty piped hearts are my favorite; Julie sent me one, damn I love her.

    Best of all, its valuable info for those of us unfamiliar with the whole crazy process (I’ve been piecing it together through the BoBs’ posts) and thankfully you’re happy with most of it.
    Enjoy your creations☺

    • I’m cool with the delayed gratification thing, too – as long as it doesn’t get waylaid by postal stupidity, which always takes the fun out of things. But I really hate fighting with people online to purchase things, and if what keeps me out of that is buying now, forgetting what I bought and then getting it later and being surprised, then that’s cool with me!

      And you are correct, I literally never get a chance to use the word “literally” correctly. In this case I’m planning on dumping a bit of Rosegirls’ Raspberry Sauce into this blend to sour ‘er up – she’s plenty tarty.

      I’m glad you found some value in this post, too – I aim to inform at least a little bit, especially when there’s a whole process to everything (and it is a bit of a process, right – so much planning and waiting around and being there at the right time! Weird world, man.)

  2. Such a nice order! Though I’ve never placed an order with SMT I am very tempted as I have tried their wax and have continued to be pleased. Not to mention everything is adorable.(Prime example would be those lovely sheet cakes) So awful to hear that your wax arrived to you broken and sliced open but on the bright side most of your custom blending turned out great! Custom blending can be tricky and intimidating. Enjoy everything!!

    • You know, it actually didn’t occur to me that custom blending *is* kind of tricky until after I had placed my order when I was suddenly like, “Wait, did you just place a giant customs order from a totally untested vendor?” Yes, yes, I did! I’m glad that for the most part it worked out.

      And oh my gosh, SMT’s various shapes are the best – so darn cute. When I was a kid I was obsessed with this candle at my best friend’s house that was shaped like a sundae, and all of these little bakery shapes remind me of that candle. 🙂

  3. So I totally love the double entendre of the Crazy Customs title. Crazy Customs at the PO and Crazy Customs at the old SMT. Your sheet cakes are too cute for school. Glad you can work with the scents. It can be a bit of a gamble. Sometimes I love my blends and other times I readily give them up to my sisters to melt if they want them. For the most part it is easy to re-home wax. Someone is bound to love it. I heard the blackberry coffee is pretty good. Not sure I would love it, but I hear others do. Blueberry Grunt Cake is pretty yummy. I will note to stay away from the Carrot Cake. I am hoping TBG’s Carrot Cake doesn’t smell like this one. I just ordered that clam in it. Ah well. Like I said… I will pass it on if it is not to my liking. SO HAPPY you are decently pleased with your SMT order after all the hub-bub. I was a little worried. I know what I will be buying next SMT opening, a piped heart in MANGO SORBET. ❤

    • Oh, totally pleased, and don’t worry at all – shipping BS is regrettably par for the course with international shipping. A couple of years ago I sent my eight months’ pregnant friend a package of goodies, they went missing en route and finally showed up when her son was seven months old. What. the. frig.

      Yes, and a big old no to carrot cake. I was hoping for a less traditional adherence to the idea – you know, more creamy, spicy, sweet, a touch fresh? This guy is just nuts, nuts, nuts. And I discovered this afternoon that Blackberry Marshmallow Latte is AMAZING on cold and then kind of smells like a hair salon when melted – you know, like heated appliances and cooked hair and then the sweet scent of all the products? It was the oddest thing. Somehow not totally unpleasant – and when does burnt hair ever smell okay? – but not quite to my taste either.

      And I’m sending some mango goodies your way from my Rosegirls’ customs. I hope you’ll love them; I certainly think they’re dee-licious. Thanks again for turning me on to SMT, though, I’m super pleased with my stuff (melting some Blueberry Grunt Cake right now.)

      • Oooooh man. Melted hair saloon is not something I want my house smelling like. So strange how wax and FO can morph like that from cold to melted. Sometimes I hope for the transition so a plastic note or something unpleasant melts off and other times I scream “noooooooo” when it was totally cool on cold but then jumps the shark once heated up.

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