Who’s a Naughty Girl Then?


This polish, that’s who, Different Dimension’s holographic Naughty.  Or should I say “Differen Dimensio”? That’s how my bottle is labelled, owing to what looks like a printing error.  I kind of like it; it sounds like a spell from Harry Potter.  Accio manicuris!

Nomenclature notwithstanding, Naughty is actually a very nice polish, applying smoothly, if a touch thickly, in two coats.  This one requires a fast, steady hand.  But oh my, that colour, and the gorgeous holographic flare (technical term that, flare, meaning the deeply saturated, shimmery bit running down the middle of the bottle.)  I nabbed my bottle at Harlow & Co., who has recently begun dealing in Different Dimension’s beautiful polishes.  It was $17.50 Canadian a bottle and worth every Loonie.


4 thoughts on “Who’s a Naughty Girl Then?

  1. “Differen Dimensio” hahah. If it was paper money with this printing error, this would be worth a lot of money!
    But don’t dwell on that – look at how pretty this red holo is! Stunning!

    • It’s gorgeous, isn’t it? A true red holo is kind of hard to find; glad I nabbed this one.

      Many years ago I bought a Blur CD, and when I got home, I discovered that it was printed as a Blur album, but the content was actually the Chipmunks! Money was tight at the time and I wanted my album more than I wanted some mis-print, but I really should have held on to it!

  2. Ok, dammit, I really appreciate your writing style!
    (As I’ve just made painfully clear, mine’s not nearly as lovely. Sorry.)

    Anyway, new fan here! I found you simply by google-imaging this polish and your photos stood out to me as the purdiest. :o)

    • Well, thank you, Sandi, I think those are some of the nicest compliments I’ve ever been paid. 🙂 Glad to have you around! You’ve also reminded me that I really need to dig that polish out and put it to use already. It’s too sexy to sit in storage.

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