Flame On!


I was watching Cars this morning when it suddenly occurred to me that one of Ramone’s custom paint jobs – he’s the ’51 Impala who owns the paint shop – would make an excellent manicure.  So that’s precisely what I did, opting for his stylized flames-over-purple glitter number – it’s pretty badass for an animated car.


5 thoughts on “Flame On!

  1. Haha, my toddler loves all wheeled vehicles, so I’ve seen this movie way too many times. Actually just got a toy version of “Ghostlight Ramone” in metallic blue for him 🙂 Very cute inspiration for your nail art. Love the paint jobs on some of those old cars.

    • Yeah, some of those paint jobs are super cool – love the low riders that look like you’d bottom them out if you drove over a hose.

      Cars, man – it’s really one of those ones that the kids (and the big kids, like moi) can just watch over and over and over again. It’s such a sweet movie, though, and how do you deny all that vroom-vroom? 😉

  2. Hot rod material for sure. Adam used to have a fox body Mustang he liked to work on (his Dad has a ’69 Galaxie so it runs in the family) and many, many car shows have been attended in our courtship. I myself would love an aqua and white ’72 Ford Bronco. Do you have any muscle car leanings? This mani tells me you might.

    • Woah, that’s super cool! You two would get on like a couple of houses on fire with my brother-in-law – he’s a major car guy.

      I LIKE the colour combo you’ve got going there on the Bronco, nice. 🙂 I’m not a huge car gal, but there’s just something sexy about a muscle car – I’m partial to a 1973 Charger, dark, dark indigo, white leather interior. That’s kind of specific!

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