Party Hearty

Mardis Gras Bottle

So it struck me today that on the cusp of my *cough*(inaudible)*cough* birthday, I’m about 1,000 times lamer than my 70-year-old parents, who are at this very moment partying at Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  That’s WAY advanced party studies right there – they may as well be in Ibiza!  I’m chuckling at the imagery, but two of us are nibbling on powder-dusted beignets and roulez-ing le bon temps this evening and one of us is reheating last night’s broccoli mac and cheese and watching the final episode of Crazyhead, so who’s winning at life now?  (Possibly me; Crazyhead is wicked awesome.)

At least I’ll always have you, nails, this time a simple, but glittery, mani in some very Mardi Gras shades, Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s There’s No Place Like Home, a green and gold glitter topper, over A England’s purple Crown of Thistles.

Mardis Gras Fingers

2 thoughts on “Party Hearty

  1. Your parents rock at life, that mac and cheese sounds good to me (dieting for a wellness challenge) and I don’t even have the fun nails. Now I’ve depressed myself. I’ve had a good cup of tea tonight though, gawd I might as well be 70!

    • The mac and cheese will sound doubly good to you then, because it’s actually all low call, low fat – an old Weight Watchers recipe. I’m also doing the diet hokey pokey, but for health reasons – as in it’s shit, and I need to treat my me better. 🙂 And tea is awesome – you’re not *quite* fit for the retirement home just yet!

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