Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi Fingers

Raspberry Pi circuitry nails, for the major nerd in your life.

The major nerd in MY life (Mr. Finger Candy) has been messing about with the Raspberry Pi (basically a super stripped down, build-your-own-computer system) for years now. One Saturday morning three or four years ago I sleepily stumbled out to the livingroom to find my him gone, save for one tiny, computerized, rainbow-flashing display blipping away on the coffee table, repeatedly informing me that my husband was out procuring breakfast and would be back shortly.  It was super cute.  His nerdery is really quite adorable, even if three-quarters of the time I have no freaking idea what he’s talking about! 🙂

7 thoughts on “Raspberry Pi

  1. Super cute! I spent literally months doing coding at Uni, but we used Arduino products, as much fun as it was it used to give me some serious nightmares as I just couldn’t quite ‘get’ it, in the way that I just couldn’t ‘see’ it if that makes sense.

    (P.S I also think it’s one of those sort of tribe things like apple vs android, arduino vs raspberry pi, so mention it to him just out of curiosity to see what his reaction is please!)

    • I did mention it to him, and he completely knew what you were talking about, and agrees with the Android versus iOS comparison – one’s a teensey bit more user-friendly (plus Raspberry Pi’s branding is pretty great.)

      And you’re right, programming, coding, hell, tech in general, is really, I think, an area where you need to have both an affinity for the work and an interest in it to succeed. It’s just like learning a language, and that’s a very specific skill that not everyone possesses. I’m miserable at this kind of stuff – I can’t see it either, if that makes sense! It’s literally like looking down at something written in Japanese and having NO CLUE where to start or what I’m looking for!

  2. Look at that crisp code circuitry (?) Now that’s true love. Has Mr. FC heard the Jonathan Coulton song Code Monkey? At any mention of coding that song immediately pops into my head. A code writing friend of ours approves, so I think it’s legit, lol!

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