Nightswimming In the Sun Collage

Another watery water marble, this time a beautiful, holographic, colour-shifting one inspired by the R.E.M. song Nightswimming.  Extra pretty in the sun where of course holographic polishes do their very best work, but also so, so lovely in the shade – or at night – where you can really see the ever-changing bends and waves of the multi-chromatic polishes I also used.  Enjoy your swim. 🙂

Nightswimming In the Shade Collage

9 thoughts on “Nightswimming

  1. This I love. I wish I could have it recreated, but it’s unlikely with the nail artisan choice available here, especially if I explained it represents Nightswimming.
    Speaking of ear worm, I listened to this song an entire (misspent) summer once in high school. It’s so dreamy and haunting…haunting.

    • Well, aren’t you the melancholic one! I mean that in the very best way, though, as I do the same thing – for about five months last year I listened to nothing – and I really do mean nothing – but twenty one pilots. A little less haunting than R.E.M., but hey, whatever makes you sit and stare off into space contemplating nothing or everything. 🙂

  2. Whoa. I am deeply impressed. This looks killer. Nightswimming sounds so naughty. R.E.M. Out of Time was one of my favorite albums. These polishes look amazing though. I am feeling enabled.

    • Thank you! I actually swore off ever doing another water marble again after a particularly troublesome one some months back, but here we are again!

      And whatever happened to R.E.M. anyways? Do you remember the major bummer that was Everybody Hurts?

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