Marvelous Mermaid

Marvelous Mermaid Fingers

Tremendously practical, this mermaid-approved mani!  That just tends to happen with glitter placement – here using Whimsical Ideas by Pam’s blue holo glitter bomb, Mermaid – but all the same, perhaps next time in the interest of not snagging my nails on absolutely everything I pass, I should scale back a bit?  Wah-waaaaahhhhhhhh. 🙂

Marvelous Mermaid Bottle

19 thoughts on “Marvelous Mermaid

    • Thanks! It turned out a lot better than I was expecting, in that I didn’t set out to do these nails at all, but suddenly I’m up to my ears in glitter, and who was expecting that? Not me – I usually hate glitter placement. So lumpy and messy.

  1. Sandra. These are epic!!!! So beautiful and enchanting. If these were my nails I would keep this mani as long as I could. Do you do both hands when you do a mani like this or just one? How long to you wear it?

    • Thanks, Julie! And oh, this one had a pretty short lifespan – despite the fact that I had a thick coat of topcoat on them (which thankfully doesn’t show up too much in the photos) and they weren’t too lumpy, they were still snagging on absolutely everything, so I removed everything a couple of hours later. I know, I know, it seems like such a shame to destroy all that hard work! But if I don’t remove it, I can’t move on to something else, and around and around we go!

      Insider secret here I’m sharing with you (and everyone else): I rarely, rarely do my right hand for any of my manicures. I used to when I first started out, but that fell by the wayside pretty quickly. It’s awkward, the results are pretty crappy and it detracts from learning new skills with my good hand. Poor right hand – it’s totally ignored. 😦

      • I can understand that though…. it probably even looks better though if your right hand was just one solid shade or skittles or an accent with the art being on your left hand. That makes doing nail art less intimidating to me. I might start dinking around with getting some tools and enjoying my substantial nail polish collection again. I have made the first step and that is simply painting my nails again. Wearing Rescue Beauty Lounge Jane right now. Wheeeee!

      • Dotting tools are an awesome place to start – you can create so many cool looks fairly effortlessly. I’d also recommend using Seche Vite topcoat, and specifically Seche Vite topcoat – it takes everything you do and smooths it out, adds a bit of shine, buffs off the rough edges. Pretty much makes everything you do look about 100 times better! Truly, this nail art stuff NEVER would have taken off had I not used a topcoat – everything just looked so messy and lumpy (because it was!) But magic of the Seche, man. I clearly swear by the stuff. It also looks pretty great on top of just regular old beautiful polishes, like your Rescue Beauty one!

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