Sunday Night Simpsons

Sunday Night Simpsons

It’s been a long time since my standing Sunday night appointment with The Simpsons, but man, back in the day, I had a real Simpsons problem.  In university when I lived at home with my parents, I’d hog the remote and make them watch two episodes over the dinner hour.  They always laughed, but after the fourth time hearing “Yes, Lisa, a magical animal” (my Dad’s favourite, and frequently uttered, quote) they started feeling a bit of Simpsons fatigue.  I watched a bunch of season 4 episodes this afternoon for the first time in ages, and they were absolutely hilarious – must add more Simpsons to my life, starting with these nails!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Night Simpsons

  1. So cute and creative! Simpsons premiered the year I was born so it was an integral part of my childhood. I actually learned many life lessons and random facts from the Simpsons, haha! I regret that I haven’t watched in a few years.

    • Thank you! I was just saying to Jay, though, that I watched a recent episode not that long ago after a very, very long hiatus, and it was really weird – the jokes felt super laboured, the humour didn’t come as easily, and it just plain old looks weird – overly crisp? But it’s in its, what, 28th year? Maybe gotta cut it SOME slack!

    • Excellent, I’m glad to hear it made you smile. Such a great show in its prime, although it took a long, long time to kind of lose its edge. I watched a new episode not that long ago and it was weird – I didn’t even care for the look of it (it’s super, super crisp; it just doesn’t look right!)

    • It’s almost like its own shorthand language – Simpsons-ese, if you will. 🙂 Some friends and I drop Simpsons bombs into our conversations all the time without actually directing referencing the show – no doubt it’s pretty weird to those who don’t know/remember/care about the Simpsons!

    • Thanks so much for noticing! I’ve been really trying to get the lettering right when I do these kinds of manicures (easier when the letters are supposed to be all wobbly-looking, true!)

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