Celebration Nails

Celebration Nails

And what are we celebrating on this fine April Fool’s Day?  My impending fourth decade of existence, in a couple weeks’ time, and that’s unfortunately no joke.  Nobody likes getting older, except maybe six-year-olds. But tonight I’m going out with friends to celebrate in advance like adults, with roast beast by candlelight and something brown and bracing in a rocks glass.  Seeing as I need a pretty manicure for that (or would merely like one) I think these eye-catching, colour-shifting nails will suffice!

11 thoughts on “Celebration Nails

    • Thank you! We had an awesome time with friends and dinner was AMAZING (I’ve been really carefully watching my diet for over a month now, so dinner at a steak house was a big treat. A big, delicious treat.)

    • Thanks! My index and pinkie are Enchanted Polish’s Octopus’s Garden, and then the dots are in Octopus’s Garden, Across the Universe and Magical Mystery Tour (also Enchanted.) They do pretty amazing things in the shade. 🙂

    • Thank you, Julie! I had a fantastic time – my friends made me feel very special and loved. And well-fed! That was one great meal…(trails off wistfully as she thinks about yummy dinner.)

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