Game Over

Game Over Fingers

Back when I started all this nail art business, the joke among my people was that the day I showed up with skulls and dangly unicorn pendants hanging from my fingertips was the day they could all ship me off to the funny farm for tacky nail artists.

Well, I’m pleased to say, friends, that that day has finally arrived!  Truly, this manicure is just a dollar sign and a marijuana leaf away from total perfection.  Okay, okay, so the unicorn isn’t dangling, but my shorter-than-most nails simply don’t allow for – yikes, this term always gives me the willies – nail piercing.  But nail charms – especially super tacky ones gifted to me by my husband as a kind of inside joke – are most certainly allowed, even ones that span my entire nail and then some.

I particularly like that I’ve paired this hideous-looking skull and its misshapen unicorn buddy with one of the most high end polishes in my collection, Enchanted Polish’s gold-flecked Christmas in July.  Life’s full of contrasts, my friends.

6 thoughts on “Game Over

  1. LOL! Well I must say… despite drawing and then crossing your own personal lines of nail art tackiness… I must say I find this mani to be quite my style. I could not pull off any dangling doo dads due to my short nails either but I like the look of the non-dangling unicorn. I wear silver skull studs in my ears and I have a ring too I love. I am currently on the market for a skull necklace. All I need is a fierce skull charm for my nails. He might have to fit on my thumb though… my nails beds are abysmally teeny.

    • Ha, I swear I meant no disrespect to skull-wearers, although there’s a pretty fine line between gothic jewelry and, well, this! This is the biggest nail charm I’ve ever worn, although somehow not the most unwieldy.

  2. Lol! I love this mani and your description. May I ask how you attach your charms? Sometimes I just use top coat but I have been known to use superglue on the heavier ones, haha. That is a gorgeous polish too!

    • I never really leave my manicures on for that long, so I usually just use topcoat (Seche Vite) and give them a good pat to make sure they’re down somewhat tight. But I used glue once on a big one that I was wearing out – didn’t want to lose it somewhere in somebody else’s house (probably in the dip that’s out, knowing my luck!)

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