Treating Myself: A Bathing Garden Haul

TBG Main Order Photo 190

I’ve noted in the past that despite all indications to the contrary here on this nail and beauty blog where I talk about such things all the ding dang time, I’m not much of a product person. I never use intensive hair treatments, I rarely slap on a mask and body moisturizer is an only-if-I-remember-I-actually-own-any kind of thing.  Come to think of it, I’ve been using the same brand and make of face wash for the past 22 years (Clean & Clear Deep Action Cream Cleanser, in case you were wondering.)

But with an upcoming milestone birthday (the one accompanied by all those obnoxious black balloons) and the gentle nudging of some dear blogger friends (lovely people, but terrible enablers with their gorgeously photographed blog posts!) and a completely bare beauty cupboard, I thought it was high time to treat myself to some beautiful bath and body care, Bathing Garden-style.

The Bathing Garden, an indie bath, body care and home fragrance vendor popular with the waxie set, does steady, year-round business turning out rotating themed collections of beautifully crafted scented wax and other bath and beauty products.  I have ogled their hoard-worthy wares for years.  Alas, with shipping restricted to the United States, this Canuck has been crap out of luck.  No Bathing Garden for me, eh?

No Bathing Garden, that is, until one of those dear blogger enfriendablers (rolls right off the tongue, don’t it?) allowed me to piggyback on her order, a random enough act of kindness before she also picked up the outrageous shipping as a sweet little pre-birthday treat.  I was so touched.  There are some truly lovely people online.  If your Internet activity centres around Twitter or Reddit or YouTube comment boards, that statement will absolutely not compute, but kindness on the Internet can occasionally happen!

Anyway, enough with feeling all hashtag-blessed. 😉  Onward haul, right?!  Let’s do this thing.

TBG Body 60

Starting off with the body care, you might be asking yourself what a not-a-product person is going to do with so much, uh, product.  Well, I’m going to use it!  Because I’m also one of those “if you’ve got it, use it” kind of people – it irks me when beauty products sit unused in drawers for years.  That’s not going to be a problem with these goodies, though – I’ve already used up nice handfuls of both the sugar scrub and the lotion, and I’ve only had these items in my possession for a few days!  Thank goodness reinforcements are now on the way. 😉

TBG Sugar Scrub Collage

The scrubs I chose were both from the soon-to-be-rotated-out Circus Collection, Poppet’s Coaster Ride (actually a scrub/soap hybrid), a blend of strawberry peach jam, raspberry cake bites and lemon curd (ugh, I want to eat that, it sounds so delicious; it also helps not one bit that the lemon curd side actually looks like lemon curd!) and Clowning Around, a carny-approved blend of toffee apples, cotton candy, popcorn and layer cake.

I’m so in love with these scrubs, they’re beyond gorgeous.  And that’s just the labels!  The scrubs themselves feature a beautifully plush texture – like slightly damp Magic Sand – buff on gently and rinse away cleanly, leaving behind no oily residue.  Best of all, despite sporting such lush, vibrant hues, they don’t stain your hide 12 different shades of turquoise!  Victory!  Clowning Around, the sugar scrub, was $8.00 US for an 8 oz. jar and Poppet’s Coaster Ride, the split parfait, was $12.50 for an 8 oz. jar.

TBG Soap and Lotion Collage

Suds and saturation came in the form of two more picks from the Circus Collection and one from the recently-retired Valentine’s Day Collection, Candy Carousel lotion, a sugary sweet blend of candy floss, apples and cake, Fried Candy Donut whipped soap, a lip-smackingly delectable wildberry bakery blend, and Coconut Crystal Cake whipped soap, which, to paraphrase my friend Julie, smells like a coconut if it didn’t know whether to be dessert or suntan lotion.

I haven’t cracked into the whipped soaps just yet, so I can’t speak to their sudsing power or their scrubbing bubbles, but the texture, which you can see in the above photos, is just divine – thick and rich, like buttercream frosting whipped into stiff peaks (there we go with that “do I eat it or wash with it?” thing again!) Coconut Crystal Cake’s delicate fragrance is unfortunately somewhat obscured by the soap blend used here; Fried Candy Donut’s robust berry bakery holds up much better.  I really wouldn’t kick either out of bed, though.  Each soap was $8.00 per 4 oz. jar.

The light lotion, here in Candy Carousel, looks deceptively thin and maybe even a bit watery.  Looks aren’t everything, though, as beneath the surface lies a powerhouse moisturizer that soaks in quickly and dries down to a soft, touchable finish.  This lotion was $8.50 for a 4 oz. container.

TBG Clamshells Collage

Ah, but did you really think I was going to stop with body care and 799 words? 😉 Not when there’s wax to be had, and certainly not when it’s this beautiful!  Because this, this is what lured me in to The Bathing Garden in the first place – the gorgeous little details on these clamshells, to say nothing of the deliciously complex scent blends.  These feel like such sweet little luxuries, I love them.

From left to right we once again have Poppet’s Coaster Ride, the wax version of the lemonberry curd scent featured in the parfait, Fried Candy Donut, also once again, which smells even more scrumptious in a scented wax, and Raspberry Hearts, a soft raspberry-vanilla that smells exactly like this skate shop I used to frequent as a teenager because that’s where all the cute and floppy boys hung out.  Each clamshell was $3.75.  And worth every penny when they’re as gorgeous as this:

TBG Poppet's Clamshell 132

In addition to their fantastic clamshells, The Bathing Garden also offers a number of their scents in adorable little shapes.  Many of these shapes are pressed into service as super generous samples (more on that shortly) but a number are available for purchase. And in my world, if there’s something donut-shaped on offer, you just don’t say no!

TBG Shaped Tarts 140

From left to right we have two frosted donuts in Fried Candy Donut ($1.25 per .8 oz. tart), a glitter-embedded bundt in one of Julie’s favourite scents, Victorian Midway, a sweet, pumpkin-apple cake blend ($2.00 per 1.5 – 2 oz. tart) and a wee little dipped caramel apple in Nights at the Circus, a dupe of one of my mother’s favourite scents, Bath & Body Works’ Winter Candy Apple ($2.50 per 1.8 oz. tart.)  I will never be able to melt any of these because they are just too darn cute.

TBG Samples Collage

Finally, let’s close this beast of a bathing beauty bonanza out with what we all came here to see – the free stuff! Of which, I don’t believe it can be denied, The Bathing Garden goes way, way above and beyond in providing. They are crazy generous, often providing dozens of samples, in addition to full size products.  And this bounty – save one or two extras my friend snuck into the package – represents just my choice of items!  We split the freebies (and the three full size samples) roughly 50/50.  Perhaps I should upgrade that to wicked generous.  So what freebies did I score?

In the top left-hand corner we have a beautiful little bunny tart studded with glittery hearts in Tea with the Queen of Hearts and a wee chocolate gateau in Eat Me.

In the top right-hand corner we have a pair of bedazzled and undoubtedly surgically enhanced lips in Kiss Me Silly and two swirly, twirly hard candies in Big Top Lemonade (top) and Tunnel of Love (bottom.)

TBG Samples 3 218

In the bottom left-hand corner we have, from left to right, a microbead-embedded Peep in Looking Glass, a speckled robin’s egg in Blackberry Fudge (actually a little gift from Julie), a pale-and-pastel Peep in Keep Your Temper, a grape-hued Easter egg in Lavender Vanilla Custard, an absolutely delectable little mica-dusted egg in Caterpillar Mischief (it came in that cute little chick cup!) and a ruby red Easter egg in Strawberry Nonsense.

Finally, in the bottom right-hand corner we have the body care items I chose, a full size body lotion in Cranberry Fig (I’m hoping the scent on this one blooms a bit, because right now all I smell is lotion) and a sample size scrub in Lemon Cheesecake (another one of those scents and consistencies that is seriously testing my “is this food?” boundaries.)

Phew!  So there we have it, my first Bathing Garden order.  Also, as of this afternoon, not my last – I went back for seconds on a few new favourites, and stocked up on a sweet stack of those wonderfully scrubby scrubs.  I’ll be sure to share that gorgeous bounty with you when it arrives, though hopefully this time in fewer than 1450 words!  And I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my conspicuous consumerism! 😉

30 thoughts on “Treating Myself: A Bathing Garden Haul

    • You know, I thought so, too, but I’ve already used three things with much delight. Besides, when I’ve finished these, I can get more!

      And thank you – I’m having a very nice birthday so far. 🙂

      • I hear you. I’m a user too. I think it’s a waste of all things beautiful to let them just lie around, decaying & unused. I made my sister a bunch of handmade bath products for her birthday last year and she loved them so much, she never used any. Now she’s disappointed that not one has any scents remaining, and has requested more for her birthday this year (it’s tomorrow!). :-/

      • Well, happy birthday to your sister, and I hope you didn’t have to spend your weekend making bath products! I make my mom a few little things every year to go in her stocking at Christmas, and she never uses any of it. The soap sits out – but unused! – and smells great, until one day when it doesn’t. Ditto the lip gloss and the homemade nail polish (ooh, that one stung, because the bottle I gave her turned out so well!) But if I don’t give her anything like that? Hoo baby, batten the hatches, “No homemade goodies this year?” No, because you never use them! Ahem. 🙂

  1. You all and these beautiful orders!!!! Curse it lol!
    I am trying to stay away and not order. I’ve actually never ordered before with this vendor but now I am very, VERY tempted with her Alice Collection now rearing its BEAUTIFUL head.
    I think I may eventually break but than again I want to hold out and maybe try for my first order with SMT if I can catch them and be patient for their long TAT.
    Enjoy your order and your birthday girly!!!
    You will have to do a review for us soon on those whipped soaps. I’ve been most interested in them and notice people mostly just buy the scrubs so I am excited to see what you think!

    • CURSES! *balls up fist and shakes it at the sky* I’m sorry! I know what a terrible thing online shopping enabling is. But, while we’re here getting all enably with it, the Alice Collection does indeed look fantastic – I have high hopes for the playing card-shaped tart. It’s absolutely gorgeous.

      I would definitely try to get in on the next SMT order – I really loved my stuff. Bit of a miss on a couple of items, but by and large, I chose fairly well and they’ve been performing pretty decently.

      Oh, and I used one of the soaps this morning in my birthday shower (add “birthday” to everything I do today and you get the drift.) It was really, really nice – I scooped out a bit and blobbed it on a shower puff, and then scrunchied the puff around to get some bubbles going. I think I actually used a bit too little, but it left my skin feeling nice and smooth and it smelled great (the Donut one at least.) I’d call it a success. 🙂

      • Somehow I must have missed this playing card you speak of… *creeping back on the site*
        I’m so glad to hear that the soaps worked out for you girly and that you got to enjoy new awesome product on your birthday! Nothing like smelling great and being clean!
        Happy Birthday to you again!
        I hope it was a great one!!! 🎂🎉🎈🎊

  2. Let me geek out a hot minute about the amazing natural light photographs of those naked whipped soaps. The swirl. The curl. The shadow and light playing in tandem to cast a spell on me and instill the strong urge to touch them. Wowza. Love. I am happy you’re thrilled with the majority of your goodies _<

    • Thank you! That means a ton coming from you, because your photos are the bestest. I assure you any cool effect I managed to pull off was completely by accident – usually I just go wherever there’s the most light. For my nail photos, I have one spot out on my balcony I like to take my photos in front of (it’s quite a beast in the dead of winter, let me tell you) but otherwise, just wherever there be the natural light.

      I love my stuff sooo much, thanks again. 🙂

  3. Those scrubs!!! They are like works of art. I bet they smell incredible.
    And the donut shaped and bundt cake waxes! Must-have, for sure.
    What a nice treat for yourself! That’s so sweet of your “blogger enfriendablers” to ship these to you. 🙂
    I’m going to pretend I never read this post so I am never tempted by all these hand made treats…

    • They smell SO great, I was really pleasantly surprised. Sometimes these things don’t translate well to beauty products. I melted one of the little donuts last night – it was delightful, I loved it, smelled so great, but I felt wretched melting its cuteness.

      I’m sorry to enable – I know how that feels. That’s how I got into all this wax business in the first place, “Hmm, what’s that? That looks cool…” It’s a sickness.

  4. I believe I was more excited for you to receive your TBG order than I am for mine, they really are special products and worth all 1450 words:)

    Btw, I am always proud of myself for going under 1,000 words most posts, I’m working on being a more concise, succinct writer, but I can’t get it done as cleverly…

    • Oh, editing – bane of my existence. I really can’t be concise, I’ve tried. Everything just comes out WORDSWORDSWORDS! Even my writing – like my penmanship – is gigantic. 🙂

      I am soooo in love with my TBG goodies! Julie has been kind enough to act as my wax pimp again, and I placed a nice, big second order. Dangerous, dangerous.

      • Can’t wait to see what’s coming for the second go-round.
        As far as being all wordy–same. I know ppl just want to read the heart of the matter and skip all the rest, but I literally can’t stop myself. I wish I had my husband’s concise writing skills, but my brain doesn’t work that way. I have to spill it all and whittle it down bit by bit, write myself out of corners, it’s truly ridiculous :/
        Oh, how could I forget to ask – your skate park smelled of raspberry vanilla?!? You really did lead a charmed childhood.

  5. Wasn’t so lucky, skate shop-wise.
    I received many of the same samples. So jealous over your Tea w/the queen of hearts, though. I wonder what roobios tea smells like in wax? My strawberry egg came unlabeled but I bet it’s the nonsense, thank you. Also after smelling and comparing Lav/Van Custard to Alice in Lavenderland, I believe they are different types. Lavenderland is intensely woody french lav. The Custard does have a metallic tinge, but I think it’s a combo of elements bc it comes 1st and the herbal lavender 2nd. I really want to order some Lav/Custard, but am restraining myself.

    • The egg is probably Strawberry Nonsense – one of those sort of divisive scents, I believe (it’s that blasted zucchini bread) but I really like it. Enough that I purchased a clamshell, but it has a wee little white rabbit on it, and it was too adorable to pass up.

      Okay, I’m probably the wrong person to pass judgement on Tea With the Queen of Hearts, because my tastes run so very fruity/bakery, but I really – like, REALLY – did not like its scent. If you’re reading this, Julie, I’m sorry! The little bunny tart was just so precious, and I had high hopes, because I really love roobios tea (to drink and smell) but I just couldn’t. Rose tea. Weak rose tea. That’s what it smelled like to me. But grain of salt and all that because my sniffer has a sort of one-track “mind.” I’d definitely err towards Julie’s impressions on this one, because I truly don’t know what I’m talking about here!

      • Lol, you absolutely do know what you’re talking about. I value your opinion. Some of the scents you sent me were so awesome and ones I’d never have tried:) It’s helpful to know, I’m not crazy about roses and have had red roobios tea I didnt like. Still a sample would be interesting, but I won’t worry about missing out.
        P.S. I’m on the positive side of zucchini bread, but remember I haven’t been burnt out on it from years of exposure-still a novelty to me. Plus, I’m a huge bread person-it’s various forms could be my dinner any night of the week.

      • Well, I’m glad there were some scents in the bunch that spoke to you, despite their descriptions! That’s one of my favourite parts of all this adult wax penpal fun – getting to try things you’d otherwise never choose for yourself. Hey, sometimes other people know you better than you know yourself (or in our case, they possibly ARE yourself. Woah, grammar gooder or what, huh?) 🙂

        I hope Julie’s cool with it, but I’ve tucked away the little rose-roobios bunny to send your way in a package sometime soon. He deserves to be experienced by someone who may love him more than I, poor beautiful thing.

      • This comment made me laugh till tears came-thank you! And wax goddess that Julie is, I think she’d want wax to go where it was better suited–and I’d be stoked to try it. In fact she sent me a tea scent from CFTKR that I’m in love with and now I want all the tea scents. So, I shall go make a cup instead.
        I finally gathered your Super Tarts clams and they’ll be on their way north soon…

      • That’s so nice of you! How exciting. 🙂 I think Julie would like being called a “wax goddess.” I wonder what her offering statue would look like? Lots of tealight wax melters instead of those saint candles you can buy at Walmart (oops, is this entire conversation getting – gone – highly sacrilegious?)

      • Oh my goodness, I’m back so far on my responses, I’m sorry! Still feeling like a hot, sick mess (ugh, emphasis on the “hot”) although I’m getting back at it.

        I think goddesses show up in all sorts of pagan followings, religious leanings, that quasi-religion your uncle made up entirely based on the worship of metal cans… 🙂

      • Oh no worries!!! I do love me some rose. I could see how it wouldn’t be for everyone 🙂 I have four of those bad boy bunnies headed my way so I know they are coming to a lady who will love them.

    • I’m sorry for the temptation! But I feel your pain – Canada and the UK suffer similar shipping woes when shopping in the US. I feel pretty lucky to have an American friend to help me get my fix! 🙂

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