Missing Blogger?

Hi friends!  To all who have been curious as to where I’ve buggered off to this week, I’ve been baby-sitting my computer.  Sunday it Blue Screen of Deathed.  Monday through Thursday it simply shut down and wouldn’t turn on for the simplest of assessments.  It has now been running for the past 36 hours straight as I reinstall Windows, including over 200 language packs – Serbian Latin, very important to my everyday functioning, obviously.  If I sound extra twitchy, it’s because I am. A watched progress bar never advances and all that.

In the boring meanwhile, thank you for sticking with me. And to all my new readers, welcome!  There’s usually a lot more activity around here, as you will hopefully one day see.  One day…

11 thoughts on “Missing Blogger?

  1. Our XBOX 360 finally displayed the red ring of death last summer. As it was happening, Shel and I just kind of laughed in disbelief, like we couldn’t believe it really happened, that sucker was old! I’d imagine a blue screen of death would be less humorous. I hope it gets better soon?

    • I’d say the experience is about on par – just the total collapse of a system. It took 48 hours to rebuild Windows. Thank the computer gods I’m married to, uh, a computer god, or otherwise I’d be mired in Nerd For Hire hell.

    • I just can’t tell you how many times in a day I have to pull out my English-to-Serbian Latin translator. 😉 Knock on wood, but the compu-problems are at least temporarily settled, thank you.

    • An important reminder that none of us heed very well. Or at least I don’t. My husband backs my stuff up for me when I’m not paying attention, which is good, because my solution to these kinds of problems is to just start freaking out. Very helpful! But yeah, back up and running for now.

    • That would be a nightmare – you are legit allowed to worry about that! Oh man, in my second year of university I had a paper due in some class – maybe six pages? Big enough. Anyhow, the night before it was due I was, of course, blitzing it, and over at a friend’s Oscar-viewing party, no less, where the disk I brought it over on got corrupted, destroying pretty well the entire file. I got up the next morning and with the freaking thing due at 8 am, I banged out six pages sort of from memory and somehow managed to not fail the class. May that absolutely not happen to you! Best of luck with your dissertation!

  2. Sorry that happened. Do you plan on replacing it or just keeping on trucking along? We kept repairing our 10 year old eMachine until finally Adam called it quits and bought a refurbished cheap laptop. Was the break helpful at all for a reset button for yourself? Happy to have you back! ❤

    • Ha, almost back, and then undone by a very, very persistent cold. It’s like everything’s gone haywire since I entered my 40th year, including the computer! We are going to be keeping it for now, especially since my husband put about two and a half days of ground-up re-installation into it, but it feels like it’s clinging to life, aargh. We shall have to see.

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