An Earth Day Epilogue

Earth Day Epilogue Shade

This very Earthy dry brush mani would have made a fine blogging addition to yesterday’s Earth Day festivities, had I not been otherwise indisposed via computer busted all to crap (technical term, “busted all to crap.”)  I *might* read a lot into it happening on Earth Day, suggest it’s nature fighting back against our impersonal, technologically-dependent lives, except the Big Blue Screen of Death happened over a week ago.  In the meantime, I spun my wheels a little.  Or rather, I spun my wheels a lot. Turns out I’m way more technologically-dependent than I ever suspected!

Although these low tech nails might suggest otherwise – nothing more difficult here than the very forgiving dry brush technique in a handful of lush, jungley greens and aquatic blues.  I’m positively in love with how the tiny bits of holographic glitter catch the light like the surface of tropical, sun-dappled waters.  Happy belated Day, Earth!

Earth Day Epilogue Sun

7 thoughts on “An Earth Day Epilogue

  1. At least you have pretty paints and a creative outlet to occupy your tech time off. I find that on rare occasions when I’m ‘disconnected’, it takes a day to get over my restlessness and feeling that I’m missing out. But a week would drive me absolutely batty!
    Love all the blue-green earthy beauty.

  2. Stunning! Love the colors. Like globes on your fingers.

    We just chilled on Earth Day. I’m really getting too mad about stuff these days, need to relax 🙂

    • There’s legitimately so much to be mad about (or concerned about, or terrified of, or, or, or) these days. I had to really pull back from my online reading activities, for my own sanity – I like being informed, but the barrage of crap news in the world is just too much to deal with on a minute-by-minute basis. I hope you got some time to just relax and be still.

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