Calamity Carol

Calamity Carol Bottle

As in Carol of The Walking Dead.  Although…alluringly alliterative though it may be, is “calamity” really the correct descriptor for Carol Peletier’s very particular brand of post-apocalyptic madness?  Girlfriend’s ice cold, and I kind of love it.  Or I loved it right up until she suddenly – and abruptly, because this is The Walking Dead – began acting completely contrary to her long-established character, running off alone to ruminate on man’s inhumanity to man, when she should have been back in Alexandria terrorizing small, frightened children with her apocalypse cookies and impressively detailed death scenarios.  I totally hate-watch The Walking Dead, so I actually don’t have much of a stake in it one way or another, but I’d like to see Carol get her mojo back next season – every apocalypse needs its rage goddess.

Personal feelings on both the show and the comics aside, I love the idea of The Walking Dead, as evidenced by this TWD-themed polish from Dollish Polish, Look at the Flowers, Lizzie, a mucus-hued favourite.  Straight up, this polish looks like snot – ain’t nothing wrong with that!  Here I topped Look at the Flowers, Lizzie with two sweet flower studs and a couple of badass silver spike strips.  I definitely think Carol – any version, really – would approve.

Calamity Carol Fingers

4 thoughts on “Calamity Carol

  1. Snot: hahahahaha!!! It does!! Carol is my most-liked character but last season she was just all over the place. That Morgan is a bad influence. I, too, hope the “cool” (cold?) Carol will be back soon! And I’m totally with you on the hate-watch part; I do that too. I love the general theme of the show/story, but watching individual episodes is painful!

    • That’s The Walking Dead, man – wildly inconsistent. Things happen because the writers need them to, not because of the story demands it. ‘Cause…what story?! Hey look, Carol goes from child-terrorizing psychopath to traumatized pacifist in about two episodes, because why not?! I’m in agreement with you on the painful-watching thing, though – it just moves so slowly, you could probably check in every few episodes or so and not have missed very much. Wait, why do we watch this thing again?

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