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May, May, May.  Welcome back ‘ol friend!  May is a turning point in the year for a lot of people.  The school year is almost over, summer is coming soon, and those mild months will still become scorchers.  The birthstone of May is the emerald, which symbolizes love and success.  This month, we’re focusing on these two things!

We all love something with all our hearts, so tell us what you love the most.  It could be the story of how you met your spouse/significant other, where you got your pet, or a nod to your parental units.

Had this prompt arrived in my inbox this time last week, I probably would have gleefully – and loudly – proclaimed COLD MEDS!!! to be my most favourite thing ever.  When you’re ill, they can be *just* the thing to get you up and on your feet (or partially hunched over and swaying, if you don’t overdo it.)  But I REALLY overdid it last weekend, optimistically snarfing down half a box of something that promised to banish my flu to the Land of Tissues and Cough Suppressant.  It, of course, did no such thing!  I just kept sneezing and coughing, sneezing and coughing.  The only difference was now?  I was LOADED.  Higher than I’ve ever been in my life, and not in a pleasant way – more in the “I can’t feel my tongue/Why are these neon fish swimming outside my window?” sort of way.  Can’t say I loved that very much, particularly as I’m now side-eyeing any and all cold meds like they’re pure poison.

But you know what I did love about my lost weekend?  The order confirmation that showed up from Sephora on Sunday morning informing me that at some point on Saturday night, I placed a not-insubstantial order for, well, a lot of shimmery blue makeup!  Items I had once placed on my wishlist as a bit of a lark (the aforementioned shimmery blue lipstick, a holographic powder palette, colour-shifting liquid metal-type eye shadow) were now speeding their way across Canada, directly into my hot (still so hot) little hands, and I had ZERO memory of having sat down and even made the order in the first place.

Sephora 1

I’ve never shopped whilst intoxicated before, so this was definitely a new one for me.  Well, there was that time just out of university that my friend and I got (let’s not mince words) tanked and then went to the mall to see a movie, only for me to get completely waylaid by a catastrophically ugly $3,000 dress in the window of a nearby shop that I apparently needed to have RIGHT THEN.  But I certainly didn’t buy that dress, nor did I sneak back in the dead of night and surreptitiously purchase it under cover of hungover darkness.  Can’t say the same about my blue makeup bonanza!

Lipstick Collage

Actually, there’s not much I can say about it at all, having apparently lost that bit of institutional shopping knowledge to the ever-shifting sands of accidental inebriation.  But unlike the $3,000 dress, I’ve got a use and a purpose for all these pie-in-the-sky goodies, and the story alone – hell, just the visual of me sitting there, eyes two tiny, watery slits, congested gob wide open, chin three inches off the keyboard – is a great one that I’m compelled to share!  My incredible weirdness is your entertainment gain!

Palette Collage 1

Ultimately, though, there was really no harm done here, and no foul either, this accidental bounty covered by some leftover birthday mad money.  I might not be chuckling quite so heartily if I had blown through actual budgeted funds, but as a one-off, I love it.  It is the thing I love the most right now. 🙂

Stila Collage

In terms of success and keeping it blog-related, have you ever participated in and/or completed a “project wax” or spring wax/perfume/makeup/scented product purge?  Have you ever bought so much product you felt the need to use it all up before you bought again?

No to all of the above, an odd little bit of responsible adulting I chalk up to a couple of different factors – an overall lack of storage space in my apartment condo and my own deep, abiding desire to NOT have my death certificate read “Crushed to death by expired Lush shit.”  So I only ever tend to have on hand that which I can and do use.

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12 thoughts on “May Band of Bloggers

  1. I love this story. It brings to mind my inebriated Anna Maria Horner fabric haul that was a bit over a $100. When I read that email the next morning confirming the order I was blindsided. But those days are long gone. 🙂 I am fully sober and aware of my buying sprees.

    I am dying to see swatches of that lipstick. And those Stila swatches are stunning!!! Love them!

    Glad your life won’t extinguish by errant bath bomb mountains or wax landslides. Mine might by over ambitious bonfires or cat smothering though… or book avalanches.

    • I was about to say that $100 is really not that bad, but it all depends on where you were in your life at that time – maybe $100 was your food budget for the week. It’s just easier to be mindful-ish of your spending so you’re not blindsided as we were the mornings-after! Of course, that doesn’t apply when you accidentally inebriate yourself, no? Is “inebriate” a verb? I’m making it one!

  2. LOL It was ever so entertaining hearing about your medicine-induced haulage. It’s like you knew you would need a pick-me-up once the medicine wore off.

    I think that would be a nice conversation-starter, that “Death by Lush” death certificate. Mine would probably read “Her Too Much Gene Kicked In” with my various hobbies angrily crossed out in the “Cause of Death” section.

    • You jest, but my father is dead set – wah wah – on having his headstone read “JUST RESTING MY EYES.” The man could fall asleep standing up; he dozes off in public all the time! But if my mom points this out, he claims he’s just resting his eyes. Bottom line, I think we could all get REAL creative with our final epithets, you know?! Really, though, crushed to death by your hoarded crap has to be one of the worst ways to go!

  3. Stunning shades of lip products! I’ve only ever seen Lipstick Queen’s blue that applies pink. UD is a fave, though I have a nude/mauve from Stila I like. Meanwhile, your fugue order was adventurous with megawatt results. I bet these shades are incredible on your skin tone. I only get make-up and body care on an as needed basis, but man, “Crushed by Lush” what a way to go-the obit alone would be somethin’!

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  5. I somehow missed this post!
    You have great taste even while flying high – those Stila shimmery thingies are so pretty.
    I don’t see where you mentioned the name of said cold medication – I need specific dosage and mixtures! XD

    • Ha, thank you! Although I think it was probably more a matter of some mad add-to-cart-ing that went on of a previously existing list (although that blue lipstick…that was a real surprise!)

      Hey, I should be providing recipes! And maybe see how long it takes for me to wind up in some pretty big trouble for handing out cold medication cocktail recipes on the internet? Seems like a potentially bad idea!

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