You’re So ‘Corny

Anything Goes Collage

Glittery, shimmery, star-dusted nails, featuring Orly’s unicorn-in-a-bottle glitter topper, Anything Goes.

Speaking of, I think this manicure looks a heck of a lot more ‘corn-ish than that very odd Frappuccino Starbucks released last month.  Mr. Finger Candy and I split one.  Or rather, I had a couple of sips, declared it fine, but deeply unnecessary and not very attractive, and then handed the rest of it over to him.  Which is pretty much what the rest of the world did, too!  Save those nutters who went out and bought 365 of them to store in their fridge until the next Unicorn Frappapocalypse.

Anything Goes Fingers 2

Getting back to this polish!  It’s super cool – the purple shimmery bits take on a raggedy, almost textured look when layered over a creme base, like this gradient manicure I created using the purple, pink and turquoise colours in Anything Goes’s fun mix of star and circle glitter.  Very ‘corny. 😉

Anything Goes Bottle

14 thoughts on “You’re So ‘Corny

    • Thank you! It’s totally awesome – one of their better polishes of the last few years (although they always come out with at least one or two must-haves a year, right?) I got mine through Nail Polish Canada, which probably doesn’t help at all, sorry!

  1. Yeah I had the unicorn frap out of pure curiosity. I wasn’t blown away from the flavour either – it was like a weak milky drink with shots of sour bits.
    BUT, this polish is so crazy from Orly! If you hadn’t shown the bottle, I would have totally thought it was an indie brand. Love the name too! 😀

    • It was just a weird little experiment. It didn’t taste (or look) very cohesive. And I didn’t really care for the mango part – I normally love mango/mango-flavoured things, but this was weirdly floral.

      This polish is awesome! I missed it when it first came out in the spring, but it popped up again a little while ago and I grabbed it. Nail Polish Canada, yo, or good old Sally Beauty, I suppose.

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