Lightning Crashes

Lightning Crashes

Fun fact: The song Lightning Crashes by the band Live is my least favourite song of all time. And by that I mean I f*cking LOATHE it.  No song should ever, EVER, contain the word “placenta,” especially if that word is sung all lustily by a slithery, rat-tailed proto-bro.  Not that I have any particular feelings on the matter!  Although my husband likes to tease me about my Lightning Crashes reaction time when we’re listening to music in the car – unlike the song, it does NOT suck, and it takes me maybe 1/100th of a second to shriek and snap off the radio in disgust.

I’m not disgusted by these nails, though, because they turned out really well!  I particularly like the sponged-on, ozoney bits. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Lightning Crashes

  1. I’m sorry that’s hilarious!!! Thanks for the morning laugh. I fully admit I OWN THAT ALBUM, Throwing Copper. To my credit, though, I actually also dislike that song. My husband, like you, loathes it.

    The nails look very cool 🙂

    • I think everyone owned that album! It was kind of everywhere at one point. So neutral points on that one. Brownie points for sensibly disliking it (your husband sounds like a very smart man; it’s a song definitely worth despising.) 🙂

  2. Very cool!! Love me a stormy, cloudy day to snuggle in with a blanket and watch a good movie or binge watch TV shows!
    I think I will take your word that it is an awful song as I have not heard it but the music that has been released as of late.. *coughs* (I am talking about you Katy Perry and Sia & Pink) That “Waterfall” or ” Bon Appetit”… gah lee… what is happening to the music industry lol. Just my opinion though as I am sure many love those songs.

    • Oh, it’s awful all right, and I sort of can’t believe you haven’t run across it yet – it probably came out in the mid-90s and was INSANELY popular for far too long. But seriously, the actual lyric is “Her placenta falls to the floor.” WHAT IN SWEET, FROSTING-COVERED HELL IS THAT, MAY I ASK?! I don’t even want to know.

      I’m terribly out of the loop on Top 40 stuff (so Katy Perry et al) so I can’t comment too much, except to say as I’m leapfrogging up to the punk channel, I have to go past the “current hits” channel on Sirius, and it’s BLEAK. So many deeply unnecessary chanteuses and chanteurs.

  3. A nail art post tied to a Live song? (so hideous that I can’t believe you have a chance to turn it off, who is still playing it?) Only you, Finger Candy, can pull off such obscurity with natural ease.
    My love of lightning storms and summer storms is well documented, ozone is one of my favorite fresh scent notes, so I rate this pretty high on the list. Speaking of my faves, are you keeping track, or am I?

  4. Okay like… that song.. I couldn’t even finish it.. what in the world? Were they on something when they wrote that? I mean.. wow.. lol. When they sang your favorite lyrics I was like.. oh there it is, right off the bat.
    What a way to degrade child birth.

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