The Nightclub at the Edge of the Universe

Zaphods Fingers

On a Friday night 20 or so years ago, there was probably only one place you’d find me, on the dance floor of Zaphod Beeblebrox, the coolest bar in the universe.  Located in the very un-cool city of Ottawa, Ontario, Zaphod’s was a small, oddly-shaped, black-lit sanctuary of Brit pop, industrial, electronica and alternative rock, with potent signature drinks (the glowing green Pangalactic Gargleblaster was a particular delicious favourite) and nightly showings of Aliens.  Some of the best moments of my life happened in that bar – it broke my young(er) heart when it closed a couple of weeks ago after 26 years of killer Friday nights.

To thank Zaphods for all my best weekends, I thought I’d paint this glow-in-the-dark galaxy manicure that mimics the black-lit stars and galaxies that dotted the walls of my favourite Nightclub at the Edge of the Universe.  Rest well, Zaphod’s – so long, and thanks for all the fish.

Zaphods Collage

7 thoughts on “The Nightclub at the Edge of the Universe

  1. How freaking neat is this! Love the colors and the glow and the dark. Anything that glows has my 💛. I didn’t know Mrs. Sandra was a dancer too, my oh my!😊 sounds like many fun exciting Friday night adventures.

    • Thank you! And heavens, not only was I a weekend dancer, I was a dancer-dancer for, like, 20 years. Ballet, jazz, tap, musical theater, modern, bit of Irish dance in there. Quite the mixed bag!

  2. Sorry to hear your old stomping grounds are closed for good. At least you will always have the memories. I must say… I had the dancing/clubbing bug but for only about 2-3 years. My old lady syndrome kicked in pretty fast. Now my ears can’t handle it. I know. I sound so lame. But you know what isn’t lame??? Those nails!!! SO dreamy and whimsical!

    • You know, I always thought those dancing days just took place over a few years, but seeing as the drinking age here is 19 (and 18 just across the bridge in Quebec) that leaves a lot of time between then and 28-years-old, which is the last time I remember stepping foot in a “club” (Zaphod’s was so not a club; there was duct tape on the floor, for pity’s sake.) So a good decade-long stretch there, apparently!

      I seriously miss just going out and dancing with my friends SO BAD. And I know some would say to go for it, seize the day and all that, but come on, no one wants to see this old broad shaking her thang on the dance floor at places where the average age is 22. Hell, *I* don’t want to hang around 22-year-olds! Moot point, as the only bar I’ve ever loved is now – sniff – gone. But thank you for the compliment on the nails – I think they really turned out so well! I want to try to do a painting like this maybe.

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