, eh? Full

This post has been edited for clarity.  As in when I wrote it, I could not have been less clear.  So let’s try this one more time!

These nails – which I am super proud of, by the way; that lettering was not easy, and drawing maple leafs has never been my forte – honour my recent acquisition of the domain name.  As it stands right now, this blog, which I publish via WordPress, is somewhat encumbered by its lengthy URL ( Moving to a .ca address simply makes Finger Candy easier to find during web searches, all by removing that bulky “wordpress” identifier.

So what is required of you, my dear readers?  Follow/unfollow?  Re-up your subscription? Clear your cookies and, um, cache your browser something-or-other? Actually, there’s no action required of you at all – type “” into a browser and you’ll automatically be re-routed to the page, same as it always was.  Or if you’re super wedded to typing “wordpress” into the URL, you can stick with that, too – both addresses take you to the exact same site, so it’s really a matter of personal preference.  And if you’ve been kind enough to subscribe to my blog or follow it via the WordPress platform, nothing will change there either – you’ll still be subscribed and you’ll still receive notifications (you *can* turn those off, by the way, in the event you’re feeling inundated.)

So basically nothing has changed, eh?  Just the way we Canadians like it. 🙂 Fingers

13 thoughts on “, eh?

    • You know what? I was confused, too, so I re-wrote that post. Geez, last night I was whupped – I ended up going to bed about 10 minutes after I wrote this post, which was at 8 pm. It’s now 4 am and I’ve been awake since 2, aargh!

      But I clearly wasn’t making a ton of sense last night in trying to explain this new not-a-move move, so I re-wrote it! Thank you for gently pointing out that I maybe wasn’t making the most sense here! 🙂

      • Yes, thank you! I thought it might be similar to the WP option given all of us Pressers to ‘own’ our domains by losing the clunky wordpress url. I considered upgrading my plan to do so in Feb., but what stopped me was, I’m not exactly married to my blog name. Lol, like it’s been over a year so kinda stuck with it, but don’t wanna fully commit as it’s the least inventive ever.
        You can probably tell it takes me awhile to incorporate change, so while I’m mulling that over, I’m happy to hear FC will be easy to find in my reader, right where I like it.😊
        Oh, and that is one nice-looking thumb!!!

      • Eh, mine’s not hugely inventive either, and in some ways, it’s even a bit pervy sounding, but it’s nearly been four years – I’m stuck with it now! But I like your blog’s name – that’s what you are, yes? (Among many other things) 🙂 Snappy and easy to remember.

    • Thanks, Julie! Ho. Lee. Cats, that lettering was a pain! I never knew my chosen blog font was so fussy.

      And hey, look out, you just never know when your friendly internet nail blogger might just do a mani *for* you. 🙂

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