Running Late

Running Late Collage

Yesterday was National Running Day (though, whose nation exactly?) so it would appear I’m running late on this mani inspired by my fly new Asics running shoes.  Also, Asics? More like Ass-Kicks!  These shoes are so dope; when I run (yes, that’s a thing I occasionally do) it looks like I’m wearing a pair of Cyclone Pops on my feet.  Just slightly less sticky. 🙂

Running Late Fingers

16 thoughts on “Running Late

  1. Happy Running Day! And those shoes are so very cool. I love a flashy tennis shoe. Your mani matches perfectly. Looks like a pop 80’s dream with all that neon and black accents. ❤ Lady, you have inspired me so much I begin my journey to health as well. And running will be in the mix eventually. I am such a terrible runner… it took me like 4 months to work up to a 5K back in 2012-ish. ON-ward HO!!!

    • Well, like I was saying to you earlier in another message, running has never been my thing. But I’m trying – I think that’s the important part. 🙂 A 5K is awesome, though – but it feels so very far away right now. Not sure I’m the marathon type, though – maybe one of those 2.5 mile ones where you stop to eat cheese and glug wine every 3/4 of a mile!

      • Geez-for some reason I had to refollow the blog, even though I never unfollowed😑
        WordPress was being obstructionist to my Finger Candy agenda!

      • Oh no, there’s an agenda?! It all sounds so political!

        But for real, there’s something weird going on with WP lately – my stats have been more all over the place than usual. Anything out of the norm on your end?

      • Just a reference to the current U.S. political climate;) Apparently, there’s a lot of obstructionism going on.

        Nothing too weird here. I reached over 1200 views in May (small potatoes to some, but hundreds more than usual, so I don’t know if that was weird or not)
        I think yours must stem from the address change?

      • Obstructionism?! You sound like some kind of crazy Commie (or are they the “good guys” now? Can’t say I’m enjoying the current political climate we are presently, uh, living through.)

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