Frenching Beetlejuice: A Then and Now Post

Beetlejuice 1

Lordy, that’s a BAD title!  Almost as bad as the nails that went along with it, a messy, dark and smudgy effort not remotely befitting one of my all time favourite movies.  And so I took another stab at turnin’ on the (Beetle)juice to see what shakes loose, tidying and brightening up this black and white striped French mani inspired by the sandworms of Saturn.

Beetlejuice 2

Along for the ride to the Neitherworld is a clamshell of Beetlejuice-inspired scented wax from Super Tarts, a fun and thoughtful gift from one of my cool online friends, Jay of The Candle Enthusiast.  Do I think Beetlejuice smells like the very yummy combination of apple butter, iced oatmeal cookies and buttermilk pancakes that Super Tarts suggests? Probably not, although I do appreciate that they didn’t go for heavy realism with this inspired-by scent – I imagine that Beetlejuice smells pretty rank.  Dude doesn’t look like he bathes very often.  I mean, he does have moss growing on his skin.  Never a good sign. 😉

9 thoughts on “Frenching Beetlejuice: A Then and Now Post

  1. Oof. Nothing more humbling than going back through older blog efforts and cringing (not that I have or anything).
    As for this effort, it’s…Whoa. Sandworms. You hate ’em right? I hate ’em myself. I heard they’ve increased by 13% this year…😆

  2. Whoa, what’s to hate..other than maybe the title as you suggested cause let’s face it.. no one wants to kiss those nasty lips..yack! I think you did an amazing job even on these nails, very quirky and fun!
    I’ve been very hesitant with this clamshell so I haven’t yet bought it. I’ve been a fan of beetlejuice but yet I just don’t think I could be a fan of that scent.

    • Oh man, that reminds me of some VERY disturbing Beetlejuice/Lydia fanfic I ran across one time on a simple image search for Lydia’s bedroom (in the movie it’s a kind of dark periwinkle blue with these weird flowers embossed all over the walls, and when I was younger it was my DREAM bedroom!) Anyhow, beware the shadowy fanfic places on the Internet!

      The scent’s actually pretty nice. Not so stupendous that it’s making me reevaluate my life choices or whatever, but nice – oaty apple pancakes.

    • As a friend of mine commented below, it’s very humbling to go back and look at your previous work! Also quite motivating, though, because you can see just how far you’ve come, too. 🙂

  3. Mmmmm… that sexy man, that naughty Beetlejuice. Savanna peeped over my shoulder and said she likes the curly bit on the pinky nail. That Super Tarts scent is pretty darn good. I remembered liking it. It would be nice in this rainy dreary weather we have been having lately.

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