Where the Sand Meets the Sky

MayJune 2017 Collage

With this duo of angry thunderhead and sparkling sand-hued lacquers, Enchanted Polish seems to be going back to nature with its mystery releases for May and June 2017. Thankfully, the au natural look suits them well; much as I love my not-of-a-colour-found-in-nature glitter bombs, there’s something soothingly refined about less artificially-hued shades.  I also can’t overstate the importance of finding a beautiful, unique polish you can wear to work, cocktail night and your grandparents’ anniversary dinner.

I’ve complained a bit in the past about how Enchanted’s mystery polishes don’t always correlate to the months in which they’re released.  Sure, you’ve got the requisite fir-green polish for December and red for February. But you’ve also got a shade best described as “holographic dishwater” for July and an inexplicable – if pretty! – primary blue for May. Back in 2015, the inspiration for these polishes seemed to be all over the place.

But this year’s crop of mystery polishes has so far been an absolute delight.  Inspired by some of Enchanted’s retro best-sellers, the polishes have also corresponded nicely to their month of release, particularly these two stunners, stormy May and sandy June. Let’s take a closer look at both, shall we?

May 2017 Collage

May 2017 reads a tad more blue in these photos than it does in real life, where it’s the same dark and dusky hue as loaded thunderhead clouds above a sandy beach.  The holo in this polish is not hugely pronounced, but no mind, this is one of those ones I actually prefer in the shade – lower lighting brings out its fine silver shimmer. These photos show two coats, and as always, it applied like a dream about smooth, streak-free things.  Never doubt Enchanted’s formulation – it’s across-the-board rock solid.

June 2017 Collage

At the halfway mark of the year we have June 2017, a beautiful sandy holo shot through with fine red shimmer. I think this polish looks like that sand I talked about beneath the thunderheads of May 2017, although it also looks like tanned skin after a day spent out in the sun – bronzed and slightly flushed.  This is another polish that is lovely in the sun, but positively gorgeous in the shade, where you can really see that shimmery pink glow.  An immensely flattering three-coater that’s workplace (and churchplace) appropriate.  A surprise favourite that will undoubtedly see a lot of nail art action.

Holo Package Shot

And because Enchanted’s stunning holographic boxes make my paper product-loving heart sing, or at least begin spouting impromptu slam poetry, I’ve included a shot of one of those, too.  I particularly like the way it appears as though the blue/green haze of the holo rainbow is climbing up the side of the castle in this photograph – let’s give it up for some decent iPhone photography, yes? 😉  Total fluke, I assure you!

Bummer time: Short of finding these mystery releases on, say, Ebay or via some other re-seller, May and June 2017 are one-and-done polishes.  But there’s still six months left in the year, so six more opportunities to nab fantastic polishes like these.  So if you’re interested, sign up for Enchanted’s newsletter here to stay up to date on all new releases.

15 thoughts on “Where the Sand Meets the Sky

  1. These are spankin’ perfect. Crisp, cool, subtle shimmer. Also, your nails look beautiful, I’ve never realized as I’m usually distracted by the amazing nail art. Any healthy cuticle secrets?

    • Thank you! And I really have no tips beyond – quite unhelpfully – just kind of keeping your hands off your hands. When you start fussing around too much, buffing too much of this, clipping too much of that, you tend to make things so much worse. I *do* use a cuticle oil from a place called Sunny’s Body Care a couple of times a day. It comes in a rollerball (in about nine bajillion different scents, no less, although Blueberry Muffin is my favourite) and I just roll it across my cuticles, let it sink in for a bit, then I go and wash off any excess if there is any. Then every now and then I push my cuticles and nail beds up a bit with a pusher, but that’s really it. It don’t even use hand cream.

      So yeah, the key is kind of to keep it simple, sexypants. That’s how that saying goes, right?

      • I love the sound of a rollerball cuti oil, so convenient. Ah there’s my problem, can’t keep my hands off my fingers. When I’m the slightest bit distressed, my fingers show it, if I’m really nervous, I should just cut the tips off, they’d look better.

      • It’s kind of the best stuff, and a large rollerball lasts for a good, long time. I haven’t placed an order with Sunny’s in quite a while now not because I don’t want to, but because I don’t have to. But I’m getting close to running out of my current rollerball of Blueberry Muffin – time to fortify my stocks. You like fresh, beachy scents best, right? Curious for no good reason whatsoever…

  2. I love love love the sandy color! Perfect for any occasion like you said. I’ve caught myself thinking I wish I could just have a permanent color so I wouldnt have to fuss with my nails but than I wouldn’t know what color to go with forever. This color might just make the cut!

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