Measured Meows

Kitten Measurement Collage

Bahahahahahaha!  There’s no such thing!  Fellow cat lovers, I don’t know about your fickle felines, but when my cat starts going off, it’s about the furthest thing from measured as you can get.  We’re talking meows (also mews, rrawows and merows) that break the sound barrier.  It’s kind of insanity-making!

These cats at least seem to be taking a more measured response to life.  I purchased this adorable little set of ceramic measuring cups from ModCloth years ago, but I see these best-seller kitties are still available on their website.  I’ve actually never used them for their intended purpose, as I figure the first time I do I’ll snap somebody’s tail off on the edge of the sugar canister, but they’ve been a cute decorative item, lined up (or stacked and leaning) on my kitchen window.

And so in keeping with the decorative spirit of these measuring cups, I decorated my nails with some matching kitties.  Cute!

Kitten Measurement Awkward

17 thoughts on “Measured Meows

    • Oh man, I’m glad somebody is enjoying the insanity, because she’s literally going to drive me bonkers one of these days! And I realize how crazy I sound when I talk about how I’m in a fight with my cat, but we really do argue a lot! Cat life…

  1. Those kitty cups are the sweetest, I love the neutral varied colors. I have a set of owl measuring cups, but they’re all the same design-a little busy actually, also never used for intended purpose (not really a measurer)😈
    Ooh, how did I forget about Modcloth? Used to peruse the site constantly, but I can’t remember if I’ve ever gotten anything. Hmm, but I adored all the fun kitschy items.

    • Yeah, ModCloth’s a bit different than she used to be. There’s been an unfortunate pulling-back of their plus size offerings, which is unfortunate; I’ve bought a lot of clothes (and fun kitschy items) over the years because they were one of the only online retailers that dealt in unique plus size clothes for women. I did get a couple of adorable bathing suits there not too long ago, including a pair of swimsuit bottoms with cats riding cupcakes through space printed on them.

      • Cats riding cupcakes through space, THAT needs to be a mani! Also, thought you weren’t a beach/summer person, where are you showing off this amazing swimwear? Is it for Disney?

      • Hahahahahahahaha, me on the beach…*snicker, snicker* Also, in-town Canadian beaches are the saddest things ever, and lakes kind of terrify me (slimy submerged trees, slimy seaweed, slimy fish twining around my feet, ahhhhh!) But I live in a condo apartment building, and we have a really nice indoor pool, so my kitties get a workout then. I actually have a ton of bathing suits for a person who’s afraid of the sun and the water and just, you know, nature.

      • Ah a nicely maintained indoor pool is perfectly acceptable. That makes up for the endless construction making your balcony inaccessible. I do love that you embrace the pattern, my bathing suit choices are always black, maybe a subtle polka dot now and again…snore.

      • Hey, black and polka dots are considered classics for a reason. Come to think of it, I have tops and bottoms in both…also a galaxy print one-piece, and an anchor-print rash guard, which is so necessary in an indoor pool that sees very little sunlight. Or, you know, sharp and scratchy coral. I do recommend a bright suit, though – it’s decent motivation when you look cuter than sin bobbing around the pool!

  2. I don’t think I could bring myself to use them either in case of getting broken but oh my biscuits and gravy are they stinkin’ adorable!!!! And your mani too. My fingernails actually have free edges once again so I may attempt to copy this one. I do need to go by Sally Beauty and invest in a nail art tool set though.

    So. Stinkin’. Adorable. Definitely the cat’s meow.

    • Yeah, do it, kitty nails for all! They were pretty easy, and you’re already super handy with a brush. 🙂 And Sally (at least here in Canada) sells some decent brush sets, but I’ve had a lot of luck just picking up ultra fine detail brushes from the craft store for a lot of this stuff. And actually, now that I think about it, I tend to only use one kind of brush at a time, and I just keep using it until it falls apart (usually pretty quickly, because it gets such a workout!)

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