Blood in the Water

Jaws Full Hand

Hey look, it’s my boy Jaws!  Always fun to catch up with my favourite fiberglass shark, with a cameo from the outstandingly tacky anchor print blazer the asshat Mayor of Amity wears as he’s dooming his island-bound constituents to death-by-shark.

Slightly tangential, but I miss the Jaws ride at Universal Studios Florida with the fire of 1,000 exploding oil tankers.  Ah, to smooch that germ-ridden mug just one more time, as I did on our honeymoon (and maybe five or six other times in my life, but this sweet shark kiss happened on our honeymoon.  Mr. Finger Candy was very understanding.) 😉

Smooching Jaws

7 thoughts on “Blood in the Water

  1. Sharky perfection. I’ll have to send you my similar (but of course) Jaws ride photo-op sometime. Also a little sad to say farewell to the bloody fella😕

    • I love Lombard’s (Landing? Or did they take the Landing off when they added the shark?) 😉 I actually have a funny story about that restaurant (of course I do.) Anyhow, I got SUPER sick on our honeymoon. Like, should be in bed partially comatose and definitely not thumping around a theme park in 90 degree weather sick. But there was Universal fun to be had, so off we went. The ONLY thing that kept me from hacking my lungs out all day (surely to the delight of the other guests) was taking giant swigs off this children’s cough syrup I had bought – it just soothed my throat without screwing me up. Anyhow, I had this honkin’ huge bottle of the stuff, and we went off to Lombard’s for lunch, where it had the place of honour right on the table practically as my “beverage.” I looked around at one point and realized that people were starting to stare at me, not because I was coughing, but because I was just slamming the stuff back, straight out of the bottle, which surely looked like plain old cough syrup to the other diners, which made me look like Lil Wayne or one of those other guys with their styrofoam cups full of opioid-based drank, only I didn’t have the styrofoam cup. Heh.

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