Pink Sands

pink Sands Collage

What started out as a (never) simple water marble mani turned into an ode to one of my favourite home fragrances so gradually, I barely noticed when I started scrounging around my house for sand, sand, where’s the sand?!  And if there is any, could it be pink? Which is completely not a thing, but if I’m already inviting sand into my home, shouldn’t I be able to dictate its hue?  It IS totally reasonable to have a jar of pink sand just sitting around your house, right?  Then I realized I was carrying on a hypothetical conversation with DIRT. Decorative dirt, but still.  Sense and reason righted themselves shortly after. At least for a while.  I never did find the sand.

Anyhow, Pink Sands, a fresh, beachy floral from Yankee Candle, is an inexplicable favourite.  Yankee’s website informs me that Pink Sands is a blend of melon, berries, osmanthus (os-whatnow?), spicy vanilla, musk and woods, which sounds like absolutely nothing I should like.  And yet Pink Sands stands out as one of my very favourite scents, period – it’s a lovely little palette cleanser amid my usual fragrance menu of “things covered in icing.”  And in the world of custom vendor wax, Pink Sands acts as an unexpectedly versatile blender scent – I’ve had great success mixing it with juicy strawberries, crisp candy apples and salt water taffy.  I also think it would pair well with the usual assortment of beachy coconuts and salty aquatics (what say you, Candle Enthusiast, resident Yankee-blending authority?)

Pink Sands

But as always, matching nails aussi, because that’s just how Finger Candy do.  Also kinda the whole point of this blog, as much fun as these little sideways leaps always are. Also also always, this water marble manicure was a total jerk.  They know no other way, pretty, swirly bastards.  And I know no other way other than having to re-do my index finger three times.  Ah, but you know what they say – consistency IS key! 😉

Pink Sands Mani 1

11 thoughts on “Pink Sands

  1. Ooh I love this candle I remember buying it last Christmas ( very unseasonal) your nails are so good too! It’d mean a lot if you checked my blog out too x

    • Ha, a blogger friend of mine who used to work at Yankee was just talking about a wintertime Pink Sands/Snow combo they once sold, so maybe it’s not so unseasonable after all! And I will absolutely check out your blog. 🙂

    • Thank you! I was just saying to somebody else in another comment that wonder of wonders, these nails nearly turned out exactly how I wanted them to, and that NEVER happens with water marbles. There’s something very soothing – but somehow not baby-ish – about the pink and blue combo.

    • Thank you, I think this mani turned out rather well myself! Sometimes water marbles do odd things to the colours you choose (I’m surprised there’s not more purple in here on account of the pink and blue riding one on top of the other) but this one stayed sort of exactly the way I wanted it to. That NEVER happens!

      I’ve seen that TBG scent – was curious about it, but the Pink Sugar always scares me off a bit. It’s such a pretty little clamshell. I DO, however, like the look of the Pink Sugar/Pie Crust scrub, as I’m fine with Pink Sugar in body care, weird.

  2. Ah, what say I? What say I?
    I very sadly must say that I despise Pink Sands, always have. As you know, we’re the same on everything except our scent preferences so that’s no surprise. Big ol BUT coming-I do know quite a few Pink Sands combos, which make it more tolerable to my nose:
    Fresh-wise, yep mixing with a suntan oil scent like Sun and Sand amplifies the beachiness, Yankee used to make a swirl jar combining the 2 called Island Sunset. I think mixing with a more watery type like Beach Walk or Oceanside would bring the sea air to it. Ooh and coconut is an excellent idea, one I might even try.
    On the other end of the spectrum, Super Tarts has Sand Dollar Cookies, pink sands and sugar cookies, which sounds like it could tempt you. Mixing with Pink Sugar would help me with the scent, but not you since you’re off PS blends.
    There was a holiday swirl candle I actually loved called Santa’s getaway, mixing Pink Sands and Sparkling Snow-I never tried mixing the tarts, but I will. I’ll have to consult my old mixology lists to see what else. Sorry I’m not much help, must be those Osmanthus flowers I don’t like, not sure but it’s definitely the ‘aftertone’ or finish I can’t handle.
    On a happier note, Pink Sands was my go to recommended candle for high-school to college-aged young ladies, or boyfriends looking for gifts–they ate it up! Also the water marble nails are mesmerizing-better than the inspiration scent😊

    • Well, thank you, those are great suggestions given that you loathe the Pink Sands! It’s so very, very girly, isn’t it? I can see why it was popular with a certain set (also the colour; it’s just such a pretty, flattering pink.) I love that you have mixology lists – that’s totally how I’d spend my downtime if I worked in a candle shop (I actually worked in a grocery store in high school and university, and I spent all MY downtime making up lists of new products and recipes I wanted to try. And I wonder why I have a weight problem (actually, I don’t wonder at all.) At least candles are thoroughly non-edible, or at least they should be!)

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