Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman Shade Fingers

Tonight’s entertainment.  I’ve heard it’s pretty great, and I am TOTALLY in the mood to watch a badass woman throat-punch a bunch of Nazis.  Not for nothing, Diana, but we could really use your services now.  The world sucks and we need a (super)hero, and one that’s not just handy with the nail art. 😉

11 thoughts on “Wonder Woman

  1. You are MY superhero.
    I’m mentioning this very outrage-inducing issue in my summer recap post but in a much more droll, less kick-ass way, that’s just how I do.
    P.S. The close friend of mine who you remind me so much of is a huge WW fan, read all the books, etc. Everyone needs a hero that is hers, ya know? Is Diana yours?

    • Hey, I know that Foo Fighters song! Oh, no, wait… 🙂

      And weirdly, Diana is not mine, although I’m totally on board with this interpretation – she’s Buffy levels of badass. I guess ultimately Buffy is my superhero; I once loved that show very, very much, even if Buffy herself frequently drove me bananas (such a righteous shithead sometimes.) But my favourite superhero, period? Batman. I had a Batman “thing” in 1989 – I saw the Tim Burton movie eight times in the theatre, and at last count, I had seen it at home about 108 times. I have a Batman VEST, man. It’s so brutal. I was a 12-year-old in love with Michael Keaton – awkward.

      • Yeah, it’s awkward, but Keaton will always be THE Batman, the reviver. My sis actually loved the live action series and adored Adam West, RIP.
        My superhero is Spidey, based mostly on the comics, but I enjoyed the movie adaptations too. I think the boy-next-door is more relatable than the millionaire turned avenger (or justice leaguer). The iconic line “With great power comes great responsibility” is pretty profound and Peter Parker would think about that throughout his run when he wanted to give in to temptation/give up on heroics. Wouldn’t the world be a better place if those in power used it responsiby?

      • You’re talking far too much sense here, Jay. Power is corrupting. If you’re already running a deficit of humanity, reason and common sense, t’won’t take much more than a soupcon of power to tip that over to the dark side. Wait, are we talking about Spiderman or Star Wars here?

  2. At first, after seeing the trailers, I kind of cringed in a ‘not the whole strong independent woman who still seems to need a guy’ way and also the fact they were playing the fish out of water card like Marvel did with Thor. BUT! I was wrong, I really enjoyed it. I felt it’s a very sincere movie, there was great range of emotions without being eye-rollingly cringey or too ‘girl power’ to turn the men off. It didn’t have forced comedy like a lot of marvel films display now. I also didn’t mind that she was attracted to a man, because lets face it after being on an island of woman it might be natural to do so, and plus she was still clearly bad-ass.

    • I agree with everything you said. 🙂 I misted up a couple of times during the really intense fight scenes, they were kind of nuts. But like every superhero movie these days, it was half an hour to 45 minutes too long. They need to start EDITING these movies.

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