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Happy Sunday, friends!  We’re sailing in completely uncharted waters today (is that right?  I really don’t know my boating metaphors) as the lovely Sarah of Life With Lil Red is playing kind blogging hostess to Finger Candy for my first ever guest post!  I’ve put together three easy, eye-catching manis for the autumn season – dotted leaves, pelting rain and sponged-on foliage – with full, step-by-step tutorials for each, and Sarah has all the deets here.  I hope you’ll pop on by her page to check out my contribution to her call for guest bloggers – it was a lot of fun to write with a slightly different audience in mind, one perhaps not so familiar with the weird world of nail art, and I enjoyed myself a lot. Thanks again, Sarah!

4 thoughts on “Be Our Guest Blogger!

  1. How exciting to see a spreading of the Finger Candy, everyone needs some in their life:) I’ll head over and read because I think I’ll need that pelting rain design for October/Nov.
    I’m always trying to get my designer friend to guest post on my blog, we’ve had some ideas/discussions, but she’s always too busy. Gonna keep trying.

    • Aw, thanks Jay, that’s super sweet of you to support FC Industries (uh, if by Industries you mean me sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table painting my nails while my cat supervises.)

      Keep working on your friend if you love her style and want to show off her work – it’s always fun to present a different kind of content, if only to see what might stick.

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