Fall Fun Series II: Pinspiration

Fall Inspiration Board

Good morning, friends!  This Saturday’s prompt in the Fall Fun Series is to compose an inspiration board, a pictogram, a collage or even a simple list of the things that make our hearts sing every autumn.  For me, that means a heck of a lot of gazing at leaves, assembling my Halloween Town, wrestling my cat into goofy costumes and celebrating my wedding anniversary, among many other lovely autumnal things.  Let’s take a closer look at some of the Fall delights that always inspire my soul at this time of year.

Cats in Costumes Collage

Cats in costumes!  Here we have the Weeger as Eeyore, a bee, a centipede and a mylar shark, and our dear, late kitty Porky as Pooh Bear and a deadly little Mewback.  Porky was always deeply intolerant of the five to 10 minutes we would spend every year wrestling her into her costume and then chasing her around the apartment with a camera, but Weegie takes it with some degree of good measure (so long as we lavish her with soft food the second she’s wriggled out of whatever tummy-constricting costume we’ve managed to wrap around her pudge in the first place.)  We don’t have kids; please don’t judge!

Leaf Collage Again

Leaves!  Right outside my door, lining the Ottawa River, or out in the country, edging the highway, or up the Gatineau, where I go with my parents every year to tend my grandparents’ graves.  I’m so incredibly fortunate to be surrounded by such a bounty of leafy beauty every year, it almost makes up for the following six months of snow and ice.  Almost.


Stranger Things!  The second season starts on October 27th, and I shall be indisposed until such time as I have finished watching it.  I really don’t like binge-watching things – loved parsing out the first season episodes bit by wonderful bit, actually – but I don’t believe any of us will be afforded the luxury of remaining spoiler-free this time around. It’s the best show I’ve ever seen (sorry, Buff) and I am so. unbelievably. excited!  A very dope anniversary present from our Netflix overlords.

Wedding Photo 1

Yes, a fine anniversary present indeed for these two (young, so young!) goobers, who are celebrating their lucky 13th.  My gosh, we are just babies in this photo (but dang if my boobs don’t look SLAMMIN’; bless you, corset gods.)

Halloween Town

My Halloween Town!  A rather large operation that sprawls across my moss-covered diningroom table every Fall.  I had briefly toyed with the idea of letting the town go fallow for the year – setting it up and lugging it out of storage is a major, major pain – but I know I’ll cave in the end.  Gotta let the residents of my spooky little town vent their haunts for the year, yes?

Scary Movie Collage

Scary movies and TV shows.  Although I must note that I haven’t possessed the stomach or temperament for major (or even minor) gore in a long, long time.  Nostalgic picks like the deeply silly Friday the 13th series or my favourite terrible horror movie, Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows, are about as wild as I get now, and I’m perfectly content with that. Bring on the G and PG-rated spooks!

NBC Fall

Like The Nightmare Before Christmas, a charmingly creepy little stop motion movie that has a place in my heart and home year-round.  I spoke at some length last year about our snow globe, a wonderful wedding gift from friends.  This year we were fortunate enough to find another gorgeous collectible, an anniversary gift to ourselves that I will be positively gagging to share with you just as soon as it’s mounted to the wall!

Wax Header

And, of course, we can’t forget all the delicious smelly things that will be sweetly scenting my home this autumn.  This is a photo of last year’s bounty (with the exception of the scoopable, a pancakes-and-campfire scent, I melted through all of this and then some.) Looking forward to more cozy scents this year.  To the Fall!

14 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Pinspiration

  1. Yay, Shel and I always say “There’s nothing funnier than dogs in hats”, well it could be cats in costumes. A perfecly sad Eeyore, scary bee and curious caterpillar for little Weeger. And Porky=Mewback=greatest of all time!
    You know who else is stoked for the return of Stranger Things, well everyone, but this gal, most definitely. I want to do an ST inspired book display, but I really don’t think a lot of my retiree patrons have Netflix, they’ll ask, what’s up with the Christmas lights in October? The Blair Witch art is awesome, still creeped out by the original. Can’t wait to see your NBC gift, and all your other fall shenanigans this year.

      • I never really thought it was a tiara – “just” a jeweled hairpiece – but in years subsequent, I was, like, “Yeah, you’re totally wearing a crown!” But I loved it – aside from being an actual sovereign, when and where else can you wear a tiara?

    • Oh, the Mewback costume – it had pants, and we had to hitch her up into them, and she just went kind of boneless and furious…I’m chuckling (and crying) just writing this, it was such an ordeal. Ugh, I miss that cat terribly, as much as the Weege is working those costumes (werk it, girl.)

      Yay, yay, Stranger Things! I’m really just so bananas excited; glad you are likewise. My best friend’s birthday is the day after it comes out, and her husband’s booked a nearby pub for a party, and for two seconds I was like, “No, I can’t go, I won’t have finished watching Stranger Things by then and someone will spoiler it for me.” Then I stopped being a dink and realized it’s her 40th, she’s one of my oldest friends and am I really picking a TV show over her party?! Yeah, not going to happen. But woe to the person who spoilers anything!

  2. Aww, I love your collages! Is that a silver fox I spy? Did your husband gray at a young age? It looks distinguished on him! I’m just now learning to embrace the 4 gray hairs I’ve had since I was 20, haha!
    I really adore the cat costume collage and the fall scenery one. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your photo boards! You guys are so stinking cute together. ❤ Your kitty is a most tolerant and humble being. Toddles looks like pure misery anytime I come at her with those Japanese babushkas my friend sends me from the vending machines. Your mani collages are so colorful and fun.

    • Thanks, Julie! My cat *is* pretty tolerant, now that I’m thinking about it (these represent only a fraction of the photos I have of her in different costumes. She also has an adorable turtleneck sweater with a skull knit on the back. I swear I’m not that person who stuffs her animals in costumes, but here we are!)

  4. Oh my. I was not prepared for cats in costumes, but that just made my day. Hilarious and adorable. My cats would NOT tolerate that! I’m pretty excited for Stranger Things season 2 as well. I’m so glad its released in the fall. Happy Lucky 13th! 😉

    • Thanks, Michelle! And yes, it IS a shark costume – mylar, extra spiffy. She really disliked the shark costume – I think the head part (which looks like it’s eating her) is maybe a bit too heavy for her delicate wuss ears. 😉

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