Fall Fun Series II: My Apple is By Far the Most Crumblest

Apple Nails

This post will be a bit on the shorter side on account of the fact that during last year’s Fall Fun Series, I completely blew myself out on apple scents.  Caramel apple, toffee apple, green apple, crab apple – if it was flavoured or scented comme une pomme, I (over)enjoyed it.  As such, I have very few apple-scented products to share with you, even during this heady autumnal time.  More on them in a second.  But I DO have some very cute apple nail art to show you this morning, a simple, lightly sponged manicure inspired by an array of autumn’s awesome agriculture.

But as for bushels of bath and beauty and baskets brimming with wax?  Hmm, not so much.  That’s probably for the best – put a year or so between harvests. 🙂  But I still enjoy a lovely apple scent from time to time – one of my favourite candles, Bath & Body Works’ Pink Apple Punch, is very pomme-dominant.  But like everything, best enjoyed in moderation.  So, what crispy sweet goodies will be scenting my life this Fall?

Fall Goodies Pick

Rosegirls’ Mini Melters in Macintosh Swizzle Sticks (these three remaining chunks are over two years old; it’s a testament to the strength of apple scents that this wax is still quite potent.  I like blending this scent with Mango Sorbet and Marshmallow Smoothie for a lively, sweet and creamy fragrance.)

Luscious handmade soaps in Fruit Fool (blue/green) and Poisoned Apple (green/red) from Dreaming Tree Soapworks.  Fruit Fool smells like a freshly baked apple-blueberry pie, and Poisoned Apple smells like sharp, caramel-coated crab apples.  I’ll have a bit more to say on the subject of these soaps a little later on (spoiler alert: they’re awesome!) but in short, like the ellipses said, they’re awesome.  That’s why I now own enough soap to take me and mine well into the year 2019.

The Lost Boys wax clamshell from Super Tarts.  It’s The Lost Boys, and we all know how I feel about The Lost Boys.  I actually talk about it so much, my friend Jaybird had NO choice but to call off my dogs (Nanook and Thorn, of course) with this sweet waxy gift.  Basically, this wax could be scented like cat poo and Victorian London sewer sludge and I’d still want it.  But thankfully it smells MUCH better – like sweet pomegranate, spiced apple cider and toasted marshmallow (on a tangential note, if I were making a Lost Boys-inspired wax, I’d blend salty sea air and spilled bong water notes.  Guaranteed that’s what David & Crew smell like.  Grandpa, too.)

Fragrance oil rollerball from Solstice Scents in Corvin’s Apple Fest.  Juicy sweet and lightly spiced, this fragrance will make a lovely bridging scent between the crisp and cozy days of autumn and the frosty holiday months.

The Bathing Garden’s wax bundt in Nights at the Circus.  A friend-approved favourite, Nights at the Circus is a sweet and spicy pumpkin-apple scent that reminds me of the smell of the craft barn at your local farmer’s market – it even has that slightly woody note to it, like barn planks still damp from the morning’s mist.

Glazed caramel apple wax tarts from The Bathing Garden in Vintage Circus (red) and Victorian Midway (purple.)  Both scents feature a base of Winter Candy Apple, a popular holiday scent from Bath & Body Works – I particularly like the cinnamon note of Vintage Circus.  It smells like Red Hots!

14 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: My Apple is By Far the Most Crumblest

  1. Your apple mani is toooo adorable! I hear ya on how easy it is to overdo it on apple. Fortunately I’m not burnt out on it currently.
    That Solstice Scents perfume sounds amazing; I wish I had allll the money to test out every single scent from them!

    • Thanks, Amanda! I have a but-1/4 depleted bottle of Snowmint Mallow from Solstice, but I’m really looking forward to their winter releases anyways – hoping they release it in some of the other products, like the burnishing glace. Their stuff is pretty darn nice. 🙂

  2. I love your apple manicure. It is ridiculously adorable. And this former ag teacher rates it an A++. I cannot imagine melting so much apple as to be burned out the next year still!! You must have went whole hog on it. I only melt apples in September and some of October with the occasional apple cinnamon sprinkled in through the year. I can get tired of mac apple pretty quick though if inundated enough.

    Happy to see Corvin’s Apple Fest in there as well as the Dreaming Tree soaps. I enjoy her soaps and wax and lip balms as well. Misty Mountain and Emperor (clove) are my faves. We used up our Bertie Bott bar you gifted me. The girls loved it. I need to go check out her wax again.

    • Woo hoo, extra credit from the ag teacher! That’s an awesome assignment. I grew up in a small little village that was surrounded by big farms; the area really could have used some classes like that, and yet.

      Glad you guys enjoyed the soap! We split ours into two and used it as a hand soap at the sink, but don’t you find they go crazy gummy at the end? They just sort of all apart, and the sensation is the slightest bit odd, even if you’re like, “It’s just soap!”

  3. “spilled bong water” Ugh, no dude, there are hemp and marijuana wax alternatives out there;)

    There’s the soap! Poisoned Apple sounds delicious.

    Your mani is so fun, I like that all major apple hues are represented and the teeny leaves give me such fall feels.

    • Yeah, sure, marijuana scent alternatives, but do any of them capture the scent of stupid high, unwashed and undead boys? Probably not. 😉

      I love those little leaves, too. Wasn’t quite sure what to do with them at first – they’re a bit spearmint-y leaning. Turns out they’re useful in all sorts of manis!

  4. Your nails are SO cute! I actually think I overdue it most of the time on themed fragrances; pumpkin, lemon, berry, etc. When you find a specific fragrance you like thought it’s just so easy to go overboard. What is moderation anyway? 😉

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