Fall Fun Series II: Fashionably Whiffing It

Fall Fun Series II Photo

There’s at least one posting prompt I whiff every year in whatever blogging challenge I’m participating in at the time, and it looks as though 2017’s will be today’s theme of fashion in the Fall Fun Series.  I’m just not a very fashionable person.  Oh, I can turn it on – and out – when the occasion arises, but I’m a real jeans and t-shirt kind of lady, and I’ve got zero problems if those jeans and t-shirts come from Target.  Or Torrid, because I apparently have the fashion sense of a 13-year-old girl.

More than that, though, this year in particular, as I continue down this path of increased exercise, weight loss and general health betterment, I’ve found that I can barely keep a handle on my sizing from week to week, let alone season to season.  On average, I’ve dropped about five sizes in seven months, but there are aggravating outfit outliers (among them the American-made swing dress I purchased for a special Halloween event, only to heartbreakingly discover that I could lose another 50 pounds and still not fit into the damn thing.)  Clothing sizes are a giant crap shoot under the very best of circumstances; when you factor in weight loss that drops your boobs two cup sizes in a month while your tummy resolutely remains the size and shape of the Pillsbury Doughboy’s, you question the utility of trying to maintain a nice wardrobe in the midst of such bodily chaos.

Well, okay, I may have something to show you, an ensemble I sport when I want to take awkward arabesque gym selfies – neon accessories (shoes, iPhone case blocking out my face) and my favourite black and white (and red, and grey, and blue) striped leggings.  I think they look like Tim Burton workout wear (hmm, interesting collaboration possibility there.)  I spend time down in my building’s gym every day, and I at least attempt to look cute while I’m there (admittedly difficult when you’re sweating like some sort of livestock.)

Gym Selfie

Anyhow, for those two reasons, I have no (real) Fall fashion to share with you today.  No fashion for me, so NO FASHION FOR YOU!  But my fellow blogger friends will undoubtedly have some fun looks to show you; please do check out their posts by clicking on the links below. 🙂

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Sandra – me! – at Finger Candy (although I clearly have nothing to say on this subject!)

9 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Fashionably Whiffing It

  1. I couldn’t do today’s prompt either because…. Florida. My wardrobe doesn’t change much at all for the most part. Jeans. Shirt. Shoes. If it gets cool, add a cardigan. Wear socks. End of story. I debated doing the home decor post I do annually but I think I will do it either tomorrow or the next time. Congrats on your continued success!! So proud of you!!!

    • Thank you, Julie! Been busting my butt for a while now, but lately in particular – trying to blast through an aggravating plateau at the moment.

      I love your home decor posts! Especially at this time of year – I think we both commented on this last year, but the turquoise/teal colour of your house looks great with all those oranges and rusts and yellows. And hey, that’s a kind of fashion in itself, right?

      I also just went back into my post and added a ridiculous gym selfie of me in a new pair of workout pants that rock my world. ‘Cause that’s about as fashionable as I get these days!

      Indecency laws aside, I’m not quite sure why Floridians even bother with clothes at all. Or there should be some law passed that you can only wear, like, moisture-wicking gauze fabrics – the entire state will look like a lady in a Meatloaf video.

  2. I am right there with you having the fashion sense of a 13 year old, lol! Most of my pieces have been in my closet for years, no shame. Congrats on your weight loss though! 😀 What type of exercises have you been doing? Needing some motivation over here!

    • Duh, forgot to totally answer your question – lots of swimming, walking on the treadmill, bit of running, bit of elliptical, stretching and that kind of stuff. Pretty basic and nothing too structured – and I’m suddenly realizing very solitary! I like working out alone, apparently.

  3. So glad I read the updated version of this post, I would hate to have missed your workout selfie, love your leggings. Workout wear (excuse me, Athleisure) is probably the largest growing fashion sector, so no shame there. Meanwhile I look like a vagrant in ill-fitting old tees and shorts when I jog. Kudos and props to working through the plateau, that sounds challenging.

    • YES, JAY, get your friggin’ textile facts straight – it’s ATHLEISURE (what a stupid word.) Having said that, having sworn that I’d never, ever wear a pair of leggings outside of my home, I wore those striped pants out grocery shopping the other day and got lots of compliments. And I like the workout vagrant look – it says you’re doing this for you and your body and your health alone as opposed to because you think your butt looks amazing in workout gear (I have a gym nemesis named Hungry Eyes – because she’s always feeling herself up like the mirror dancing scene in Dirty Dancing – and one day I actually watched her drag the stationary bike over closer to the mirror so she could stare at her own ass as she worked out in its cute little pants. I wanted to shout – over the sounds of me sweating up a storm in my own giant tee – “Yup, it’s still there! They don’t just tend to fall off!”) Girlfriend’s all show – I’ll take the down-to-earth approach any day, thank you!

      • GYM NEMESIS!!! You have no idea how amused I am at the thought. A couple yrs ago my friends and I started naming our nemeses, mostly co-workers, though I only work with one other person now, my boss and she’s certainly not my nemesis. I may have a patron nemesis, I think he must sit at home thinking up ways to annoy me and he comes in to use our computers EVERY SINGLE DAY. Sometimes, my vacation days are days taken to get a break from him!

      • Ha, I love it! My husband and I have just-between-us (and now you) nicknames for the other residents of our building – Puff the Magic Dragon, The King of Ambleside, Hungry Eyes and her boyfriend One-Armed Pushup (he’s just as idiotic in the gym as she is; after doing NO warm-up the other day (just sat there for 10 minutes fiddling with his FitBit), he threw himself down into some one-armed pushups that went just as well as you’d think. I literally bit the inside of my cheek to keep from guffawing at his sad peacock preening as he fell to the floor. So gym nemeses are very real things. If you’re going to get in my way, at least USE the machine you’re languishing all over as something more than a perch from which to stare at your own butt.

        PATRON NEMESIS! Now I can TOTALLY see that being a thing in a library. He’s that dude that shows up every day and sits there for eight hours vaguely creeping everybody out. And every time someone succumbs to a cold, you know it came from him, because he’s always sniffing and wiping his nose. Eeugh, you shouldn’t have to use your time off to get away from someone abusing public resources like that. Go annoy the people in Starbucks if you’re looking for free Wifi – surely there’s a six-top you can occupy with your laptop as you play a very important game of World of Warcraft, no?

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