Sudsy Fandom Fun

Fall Fandom Closeup

Or a Hobbit sandwich on Harry Potter bread. 😉

Here’s a cute trio of fandom-minded soaps from Dreaming Tree Soapworks inspired by the Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter movies and books.  I nabbed these luscious, olive oil-infused soaps from The Rhinestone Housewife, who deal in Dreaming Tree Soapworks’ large collection of beautifully made, gorgeously themed soaps.  I picked up quite a few selections from their Halloween release; I’ll share those with you as we get a little closer to the haunting season.  But of the remainder, I just knew I had to try the fabulously foodie trio of LOTR’s Hobbiton Banana Bread paired with Harry Potter’s Butterbeer and Cauldron Cakes.

Of the three, I’ve only had a chance to try Cauldron Cakes.  On its site, The Rhinestone Housewife describes Cauldron Cakes as smelling like “Devils Food chocolate glazed cakes stuffed with buttercream toasted marshmallow filling.”  Which, holy lord, sounds just frickin’ amazing; can I get some right now?!  After using my bar of Cauldron Cakes for about a week or so now, I can’t say whether it smells like all those delicious things – I mainly get a rich, true chocolate scent, which is really quite scrumptious and pleasing; I ain’t gonna kick it out of the bath.

Fall Fandom Soaps

However, Cauldron Cakes – the dark brown bar – contains unrefined cocoa butter.  I’m going to assume that because the ingredient list does not include any sort of dye, the chocolate brown colour and gorgeous, true-to-life chocolate scent are coming from the unrefined cocoa butter.  And so I think because of its natural ingredients, Cauldron Cakes is not colourfast (if a bar of soap could be said to be such a thing.)  As such, its rich brown hue “runs” when wet; it suds up into a pale mocha hue and leaves rusty-looking water droplets all over your soap dish, counters and towels.  And like all bars of soap, it leaves bits of itself behind in the dish in between every use.  Gummy soap build-up is kind of gross; I submit it’s extra gross when your soap sheds oily shards of brown gunge with every pass, even if that gunge smells like sharp, slightly boozy chocolate.  It just looks like a wet log of poo sitting there in my soap dish, for real.  NOW I’m kicking it out of the bath.

I really hope the other two don’t succumb to Cauldron Cakes’ problem of too-much-hue, although neither Hobbiton Banana Bread (a slightly spiced and lightly fruity bakery blend) nor Butterbeer (fizzy cream soda) contain much pigment, so we shall see.  Fingers crossed, because they both smell so lovely, and overall, I just adore the consistency and formula of Dreaming Tree’s soaps; my skin feels so lovely and moisturized, without the need for additional lotion, and they suds up so satisfyingly.  I just wish those suds weren’t the colour of (wait for it, Jessica!) cat poo.

Fall Fandom Pumpkin

9 thoughts on “Sudsy Fandom Fun

  1. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣
    Day made lol. Cat poo strikes again!
    But in seriousness, a homemade soap that doesn’t leave your skin dry or tight? Hmm, interesting.
    The names and themes alone are enough to peak an interest though the run of color and gooish texture is a bit concerning. Though you do have that problem with most soaps and showers as they soften.
    Can’t wait to see your haul come Halloween! Maybe it won’t be cat pooish for you!😆

    • I just said to Jay that I chucked my bar this morning. I woke up in a terrible mood, ambled into the bathroom and there it was – it just looked like someone had a mess in the soap dish. Boom, garbage. It really sucks – they were expensive, expensive soaps. I’m pretty bummed. Had terrible luck with my orders lately, actually. 😦

      • That is such a bunmer to hear, I’m so sorry. You know, that is kinda where I’m at though with my ordering luck except mine usually goes wrong during the ordering process and I have to either wait longer tats than expected because of error or unknown causes, my order gets lost in the shuffle and never gets ordered, they sell out of what I ordered and have to make it again and so on. *sighs* lol. I’m currently still waiting on an order from Aug 5.

      • Aargh, I’m with you there on the TAT thing, too – I knew it was going to be long, but I’m still waiting for my name to be called on the SMT customs list, and that order was placed at the end of June. I guess this happens from time to time – I don’t know, does it? – but I’m not feeling the wax love right now. Seriously, everything I’ve bought lately has kind of sucked. Boo! I hope your August order shows itself soon.

    • I actually threw it out this morning. Woke up on the wrong side of the screaming cat, walked into the bathroom and saw that gunge sitting at the side of the sink and chucked it. This is very unfortunate, as I may have mentioned that I have a metric ton of these soaps now, and I’m assuming they’re all going to run. 😦

  2. I saw you chunked it out! Oh man! I can understand though. Life is too short for sludge in the tub. I liked the Bertie Bots you gifted me. And her sea salt car is really nice. But I have not bought any gourmand ones myself. I hope the others work out better. :-/ If you ever need any bar soap recs I can chat your ear off.

    • Ha, that should have been the title of my post – Sludge in the Tub. 🙂 I also really liked that Bertie Botts bar, but it (heck, most non-glycerin-based soaps) got so gungy towards the end of its life. Which is generally not a huge deal – it’s just soap, right? – but when it’s also brown and oily and…eeugh, gonna stop there!

      The next time I’m looking for some decent soap recommendations I will definitely bend your ear, but for now, I’m set until the soapocalypse – I really went bananaroos on this order (do you ever do that, just go on a spree of buying and then wonder “Why did I just do that?”)

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