Fall Fun Series II: I Love You, I Hate You

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Today’s Fall Fun Series prompt is one designed to expose our essential contrariness by sharing our autumn scent loves and hates.  I’ve already stated that I blew myself out on apple scents last year – too sweet, too cloying.  Then I went and bought about eight apple-based scents, and much to my surprise and delight, they’re all fantastic.  So there’s that contrary business again!  Or is it simply undecided?

Starting with the bad news, one thing I am quite decided on is that pumpkin scents, no matter the vendor or the blend, give me terrible headaches.  There’s just a sour kind of note there that prompts some nauseatingly fierce headaches.  And that’s a new thing this season – I suppose that makes pumpkin the new apple. 😉  Sorry, pumpkin, I’m sure I’ll be back on your tip next year.

But this year I’m back to Apple Acres, or at least *these* particular apples, Rosegirls’ Mini Melters in Apple Clove Butter, Lambeau Leap and Apple Strudel Rice Krispie Treats.  These showed up on my doorstep yesterday just as I was lamenting a lack of pleasing Fall scents; had actually kind of forgotten that I had purchased them?  But talk about great timing, and talk about great scents; I love them all.

FFS Rosegirls MMs

Apple Clove Butter is probably my favourite.  I’m not sure if it’s close to Beezy’s popular Apple Butter scent, but Rosegirls’ is a keeper – crisp, juicy apples shot through with warm mulling spices.  I think it would be fairly spectacular blended with a rich, buttery bakery (such as Pie Crust or Nilla Wafers) although it’s great all on its own.

Lambeau Leap is, I believe, named after a football team.  Green Bay, maybe (almost said Green Day there, whoops.)  I really don’t know sports (GO SPORTS!!!)  This is an odd fave for me, as it contains Sweater Weather, a popular woods-and-juniper blend from Bath & Body Works.  It’s quite cologne-y, and I’ve never been much for woodsy, masculine scents.  But in Lambeau Leap, blended with crisp apple cider and creamy Vanilla Bean Noel, it’s really nice; reminds me quite a bit of another Rosegirls blend that subs out the juicy apple cider for astringent pine.  Very nice.

And finally, Apple Strudel Rice Krispie Treats, a not-too-sweet, not-too-bakery blend of flaky apple strudel and crispy Rice Krispies.  This is the most linear of all the apple scents, and it’s lovely all on its own – I wouldn’t blend its delicious simplicity with another thing.  Great choices, all.

7 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: I Love You, I Hate You

  1. Bahahahha, Go Sports haha. Love it. Though we don’t support the Packers in this household, no no. *spits*
    I need to get myself an order soon of some mini melters together.
    I placed an order for that that 2 lb fall box that will have a mix of shapes, mini melters, pie slices ect so I’m excited to see what all comes in it. Did you order?

    • I didn’t order that one, but considered it – some of those little shapes *were* darn cute. But I’m up to my butt in wax at the moment, Mini Melters in particular, and I figured I should pass. Looking forward to seeing what comes in your order – I love those kind of grab bags of fun things. 🙂

      • I shouldn’t have ordered but I went ahead and treated myself to an early birthday present. I always pass on her samplers but I thought, eh I’ve been really good not ordering recently and I really want to see what some of those shapes and pie shapes are about. Not to mention getting my hands on a few mini melters. So we will see! Hopefully it won’t be a bust with all scents I won’t like.

  2. Cute cat warmer!!! And I love that photo. So much fall goodness in there I spy. Glad to hear the apples aren’t causing a ruckus with you at the moment. I would be bummed to find come fall I wasn’t agreeing with apples. Pumpkin is a strange bird in wax. I have some perfumes with pumpkin in them that smell like pumpkin but for most wax it doesn’t really translate as that fresh gourd we carve every year on the porch. It usually smells like spice or caramel to me but maybe I am asnomic to it in wax. Sorry to hear it gives you a headache. 😦 That stinks. Does it in perfume too?

    • Ah, that’s Sophie (Sophia?) – she was a Yankee purchase from last year. Pumpkin doesn’t seem to give me much of a headache in body care, although I admittedly don’t have a ton to begin with. And I don’t have a problem with all pumpkin scents, just the kind of dry, sour ones. I don’t know how you can be both of those things at the same time, but some scents manage it!

  3. I’m really enjoying the fact that your love/hate scents are the same scent. Now that’s getting into the contrarian spirit;)

    Lambeau Leap is named for the stadium (I’m a sorta Green Bay Packers fan for the reason that it’s the only football team I don’t associate to the state it’s located in, Wisconsin, because the team is publicly owned. It’s literally a non-profit corporation which you could buy a share of when they have a stock sale. Then that’s it, you are technically the owner of an NFL team, though the stock can’t be resold and will never increase in value) Anyway, I think it’s kind of cool in the world of football, also, the Lambeau Leap scent sounds unique, I believe I’d like those 3 notes put together.

    • That’s a very cool bit of trivia about the Packers; I did not know that. Man, I’m going to dazzle the crap out of everyone the next time that one comes up as a question on Jeopardy!

      Uh, and it’s a seriously yummy blend, and pretty well the only woodsy/masculine scent my husband has EVER liked; I mean, this is a mean that used to wear cupcake-scented cologne, I shit you not. I’m thinking of picking up another bag or two before it disappears (think it’s a limited edition scent.) I’ll grab you a bag – although that package of yours just keeps getting pushed further and further back because I keep finding fun things to add to it that have six week turnaround times. 😦

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