Fall Fun Series II: Exsquashted

Exsquashted Main

Perhaps it’s because every single pumpkin fragrance gives me wretched headaches (even those I previously had no problem with) but I am not feeling the pumpkin love this autumn.  Typically I’m drowning in all manner of pumpkin spice-scented candles and bath and beauty products, not to mention a boatload of pumpkin spice lattes, but this year?  Precious few pumpkins.

First, it seems that my body’s aversion to pumpkin scents (if not my sense of smell, because I really do like them) is not vendor-specific.  These pumpkin-based scents from Super Tarts give me just as bad a headache as any other wax I’ve encountered this year.  Unfortunate, as they’re pretty yummy fragrances, all (Elm Street, a maybe-too-bready blend of pumpkin creme brulee, toasted marshmallow and sweet cornbread, Psycho, a tart, slightly spicy blend of warm pumpkin bread, sweet raspberries and spiced sour cream cake, Addam’s Family, a rich blend of salted caramel, pie crust and pumpkin cupcakes and 28 Days Later, a sweet bakery blend featuring Blueberry Pumpkin Patch, cake batter, vanilla ice cream and cranberry preserves.)

Pumpkin Basket

Here’s my Yankee kitty, Sophie, holding a couple of cubes of Elm Street over her pumpkin cauldron.  I’ve never cared for the Elm Street movies (undead child molester – uh, neat?) but I always thought Freddy had style, and so does this slashed-up, two-toned tart (red and dark brown stripes, of course.)

Sophie the Cat

Finally, here’s a beer my husband grabbed yesterday on a run out to the grocery store – local Ottawa brewery Big Rig‘s Tales From the Patch, a spiced pumpkin porter.  And what precisely is a spiced pumpkin porter, you may be asking?  Well, an alcoholic beverage I can’t quite wrap my head around, for one.  Spiced pumpkin beer soda.  Creamy pumpkin soda beer.  Carbonated pumpkin beer drink.  You know, I’m not really doing Big Rig or Tales From the Patch any favours here with my not-so-descriptive abilities, but I actually am underselling this one – it’s not that offensive, with the flavours all coming at you in separate, but equal, measures.  Also, the can glows in the dark!  Ooh, shiny! *runs away in distracted glee*

Beer Collage

9 thoughts on “Fall Fun Series II: Exsquashted

  1. Even Sophia looks less than pleased to be holding that Super Tarts melt, is that strike two or ten against ST? Your subtitle is one of the groaniest puns, but that beer can looks totally rad and sounds yummy to me, so must have been a decent description.

    • Come on, that’s some quality punnage there! Also, entirely accurate – I’m not feeling kind of anything about the Fall this year. I know you don’t naturally care for this time of year too much, but how about you? Something feels off.

      Strike one billion, man. Except my husband’s in love with Day of the Dead, which is VERY buttery – more popcorny smelling than actual popcorn scents I’ve had. It’s rank and he’s obsessed.

      • Surely I’m the wrong person to ask about the fall feels. Head=buried (actually with what life’s been throwin lately, it’s more under water). I will say that I’m trying. Hard. Two things I’ve started doing more of this year 1. Noticing the fall smells. Every time I’m outside in a bit of air I’m purposely breathing in the fresh, Fall smells pretty good. 2. I’ve been collecting leaves that I find interesting or from any significant place and saving them in a book. Maybe next year I’ll open it and remember that hike, or the feeling of leaving the Indians baseball stadium for the last game of the year. Or, even if I don’t, it’s slowing me down now, forcing me to appreciate the moment for the two seconds I allow myself. I may be getting through Oct two seconds at a time or going 100 mph till it’s over, why do you think it’s less Fallish for you?

        Also, buttery popcorn for snackin, yum! Otherwise, ew.

      • Well, it *was* feeling less Fallish until I left Leaf Central here in Ontario and went to Florida, where ALL the Fall feels are apparently stockpiled. Seriously, the parks (or at least the Magic Kingdom where we were) are so gorgeously decorated at this time of year; hard not to find a bit of passion for the season amidst all that seasonal beauty.

        I – we – just needed a vacation. I didn’t realize how burnt out we really were. I couldn’t even enjoy the season properly because I was just feeling so draggy. Turns out I just needed a big old Disney shot in the arm. 😉

  2. So…would it make me a hoarder to wash the can and keep it just because it glows in the dark? Hahaha😆😆 ugh, I promise my house is not junky but I’m obsessed with glow in the dark stuff so that’s pretty cool. Not saying I’d want to keep a beer can on display but if I already had it might as well enjoy looking at it a few days lol.

    • Hey, better to empty it and wash it and then keep it than just put the can and its contents into a box and hope for the best. I don’t recommend housing tinned carbonated beverages over the long-term – learned that lesson the hard way with a promotional can of Buzz Cola from The Simpsons. It ate the can!

      Did you have glow-in-the-dark stars on your ceiling when you were a kid? I didn’t, but a friend did, and I loved sleeping over so I could stare at them – it seemed very magical. 🙂

      • Surprisingly I didn’t! I would like them now but I have to tell myself how horrendous they would probably look so I talk myself down.
        I do however remember that my husband had them in his childhood bedroom so I would enjoy looking at them when I could when I was over there.

    • Thanks, they’re from my Halloween Town – I had to pack it way away earlier this year, and hauling it out was going to be a big pain. But I thought at the very least I could use some of the purely decorative items to gussy the diningroom up a bit. 🙂

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