Tree Time!

sELFie Bottle

I put up our tree today!  This is exclamation mark worthy because I’m never so seasonally motivated, particularly when it comes to our tree (we have history.)  But we’ve got some fun things planned for later on this holiday season that require a bit of planning right now, and so that’s what I’m doing.

Also, I woke up this morning just feeling festive!  So much so, I managed to convince my husband to watch Babes in Toyland, a favourite terrible Christmas movie from my childhood starring Keanu Reeves and Drew Barrymore, while I melted some Christmas Wish-scented wax (pine, peppermint and cookies) and painted my nails with this festive glitter bomb, KB Shimmer’s sELFie.  This polish looks so pretty on its own, but I love it topped with this tiny bejeweled nail charm.

sELFie Fingers

These sort of ultra dense, glitter-packed polishes always look fantastic in super macro close-up, and sELFie is no exception – lovely!  A fun and festive mani for a fun and festive day.

sELFie Macro

9 thoughts on “Tree Time!

  1. YES! This is one festive polish!! And your tree addition is perfect. A history with your tree huh? Is it self lighting? I think Adam has an issue with whatever tree we buy every year because of the light situation. Between strands not working and the awful most torturous way we wind them tight against the trunk then concentrically expand to the outside and using about a bajillion lights… he hates it. 😦 But he still insists on doing it every year. I try to help hold the lights and cheer him on.

    • I’m so intrigued by your lighting setup. So you wrap the lights around the base first and then move them out onto the branches? Adam sounds like a sucker for punishment! But that’s lighting trees for you; it never goes very well, even if you have it down to a system.

      That’s almost as nuts as the year I wrapped the lights around each. point. on. the. tree. Twas not a speck of green visible, because it was all lights, 2,100 of ’em. That’s also coincidentally the year I electrocuted myself on a broken bulb and had a middle-of-the-livingroom-floor breakdown because it had taken me a solid week to light it, and I had had to make something like seven trips to the store for lights, because I obviously never thought it was going to take 21 strands. So yeah, there’s our history! Things are much better now, pleased to report – we’re down to about 600 lights now and maybe 250 ornaments. I can put it up in two three-hour sessions (accompanied by Christmas movies to keep the crazy at bay!) No idea what I was thinking that year besides, you know, not.

  2. This glitter bomb must be the official start of the holiday season. The only time that amount of bling and bedazzle is completely acceptable.
    Also, we put up our outdoor lights today! Unprecedented in November, but we took advantage of some seasonable weather and the long weekend.

    • Yay, outdoor lights! Three cheers for being on top of the seasonal decorating. We had some decent weather this weekend and I would have loved to have put up ours, but unfortunately, the balcony we string them along (the one with the outdoor outlet) is still off limits because there are some engineers doing work out there. Yes, work in, let’s see, it got down to about -15 the other day. There’s been a couple of big snowstorms and some very violent windstorms. Seven months of construction, and they can’t even pull the crap inside by the beginning of December. An unsecured swing stage (those motorized platforms they use to get up and down the sides of buildings) went through our lobby window about a month ago during a huge storm and it still hasn’t been fixed.

      I’d seriously just like to put my lights up.

    • And I literally spent all of that comment griping about the state of the balcony only to look outside and go, “Huh, where are the ropes for the swing stage?” Gone! Finally gone! Time to get them outdoor lights out!

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