Where’s Your Head At?

Where's Your Head At Fingers

Both the loose – so loose – inspiration for these nails (the album cover art of the Basement Jaxx’s Where’s Your Head At?) and also a valid question for this blogger and nail artist: Where exactly WAS my head at, because this manicure is pretty terrible!  Bad colours, cruddy brushwork, ugly lighting.  And this was actually my second attempt at this design today; you should(n’t) have seen the first one.  Eh, sometimes these things don’t work out, but a bit of practice never hurt (and I’m sorely out of practice; too much post-vacation reminiscing and not enough nail art-ing.) 😉

8 thoughts on “Where’s Your Head At?

    • Thank you! You’re also not the first person to comment that they thought this was a reflection – that’s really neat, although regrettably nothing I actually intended! Because you know it wouldn’t have happened if I had actually wanted it to!

  1. Had to look the Singles album cover up to compare, but you’re right, no bueno, I wouldn’t even attempt straight lines, though. As a full scale drippy effect it could be cool. I don’t listen to this band, but I checked out some of their album art; what? the blonde gorilla sniffing eucalyptus leaves didn’t provide the right inspiration? Lol, some insane stuff!
    Have I told you lately that I love that your nail art is real art?

    • The video is widely regarded as absolute nightmare fuel – seriously, don’t watch it. Monkeys in labs with quasi-human faces doing “animal” testing on humans with quasi-monkey faces. WHAT. THE. HELL. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t hear this song and then go, “Oh no, that video!” in fear.

      Real art, or am I just running out of ideas? Because I seriously looked at a candle holder over on my shelf and thought, “Hmm, that might not make a bad manicure…” But thank you all the same. 🙂

  2. I totally thought that this was like reflective paint/nail polish the first time I glanced at it. Than you said it was terrible and of course I thought No Way! And looked again and saw that it was dripping lines and thought it was even more artistic and cooler. Though cooler isn’t even a word.

    • Well, thank you, although I can assure you, that effect was absolutely nothing I intended! And you’re also not the first person to comment that they thought it was reflections – that’s pretty neat. 🙂

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